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Hot Markets for Real Estate and Home Sales Edging Higher: The Five

As remote work continues to linger on, affordability remains a primary driver in attracting prospective home buyers. Additionally, home sales are rising in concert with home prices, which can be largely attributed to low interest rates and high demand. Struggling to adapt to these changes? We have three tips that will not only help you…

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Two individuals discussing the eviction moratorium look over papers with a house on top behind text that reads "The Five: Key Developments for Investors"

Eviction Moratorium Ends and House Sizes Grow: The Five

As the seasons begin to change, so does the ever-dynamic real estate market. In a major ruling, the Supreme Court has struck down the extension of the eviction moratorium, with many predicting a major increase in foreclosures and homelessness occurring as a result. Mortgage rates continue to remain at historic lows while household sizes continue…

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Real Estate Articles to Share: The Five

In order to keep members of our tribe up-to-date on current trends and updates in the real estate world, we’ve compiled key developments from reputable sources. These will be biweekly updates to keep you informed and keep your investing toolkit sharp. Be sure to follow our blog so you don’t miss an update. Without further…

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What a month! August sees 27% increase in deals

As we prepare to say goodbye to summer, we have fantastic news to share with you… If you’ve been using your free account at, then you had access to more deals last month than any other month in the last 3 years! Not only that, August saw a 27% increase in deals posted over…

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Celebrating 70,000 Deals!

70,000 Deals is Reason to Celebreate

This month we celebrate deals. The reason? MyHouseDeals has just reached a milestone that we think you’ll like… 70,000 deals! In little more than eight years we’ve brought you over 70,000 wholesale deals and motivated seller leads. That’s an incredible average of 8,750 deals per year, 729 per month and, get this, over $4.4 trillion…

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Free Yourself!

Hello again fellow investor! If you’re like me, you crave freedom. And that’s why you chose to become a real estate investor. You wanted the time and money to do what you want, when you want. A big part of that freedom is having the ability to go WHERE you want, for however long you…

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January Meant Business for Us!

Hi investors! How’s 2011 treating you so far? For us, the year arrived with a slew of new big-equity deals. January kept us busy, and here’s what we have to show for it!… In January, we added 161 motivated seller leads and 476 wholesale deals to the website, adding up to 637 new properties with…

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Yup. We Got a Facelift last Month!

Thank you for noticing! We are looking a little younger, a little hipper these days. That’s because late in October we launched our new home page. Have you taken a look at it yet? Many of you have (thanks for the feedback!) If you’re curious to see how we’ve changed, click the picture below to…

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