Real Estate Investor Training

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Quickstart Training Seminars

"Members Only Q&A With Real Estate Investor Doug Smith: Part I": Doug answers over a dozen frequently asked investing questions. ($97 Value)
"Members Only Q&A with Doug Smith: Part II": Doug answers dozens more of the most frequently asked real estate investing questions. ($97 Value)
"How to Buy Your First or Your Next Property from in 60 Days or Less": During this call, Doug interviews five investors who have bought anywhere from one to eight properties on the site. Learn what they did and duplicate it. ($119 Value)

Additional Training Seminars

"How to Make All of Your Friends Jealous by Profiting over $1.72 Million Per Year by Rehabbing Properties Part-Time (with special guest Wayne Story)": During this interview, Wayne reveals 1) how to create a rehabbing SYSTEM that works for you on auto-pilot, 2) the two biggest mistakes investors make when pulling comps, 3) the types of neighborhoods you should target, and 4) answers to over 15 other rehabbing questions. ($119 Value)

"How to Secure Access to $2 Million in Private Capital without Banks Even if You Have Bad Credit or No Credit (with Special Guest Wayne Story)": During this teleseminar, Wayne will reveal 1) the three best ways to find private lenders, 2) what to say to convince private lenders to lend to you, 3) the seven documents to give private lenders to gain credibility, and 4) answers to over ten other questions on gaining access to cheap capital. ($119 Value)

"How to Go from Flat Broke to a Wholesaling Multi-Millionaire Who Passes up Deals with Only $10,000 in Profits" (with Special Guests Bill and Jan Leon)": In this interview, you'll learn: 1) the most effective way to build your buyers list for your wholesale deals, 2) how to fill out a real estate sales contract and assignment form step-by-step, 3) the one deal-killing word NOT to say to a seller, 4) and more! ($97 Value)

Top Tier Membership Training Seminars

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"The Secrets to Buying over 1,000 Houses Using Every Technique through up and Down Markets": Tom Conway reveals 1) what he would do if he were a new investor and had to make $5,000 in less than two weeks, 2) what you can do to dominate your local market, 3) how to screen your deals to ensure maximum profits, and 4) answers to 32 other real estate questions. ($97 Value)

"How to Make Donald Trump Green with Envy by Rehabbing Your Way to a Financial Fortune": Eddie Gant reveals 1) a little-known technique for finding the most reliable contractors, 2) how to use a flashlight to get a better price on a house, 3) the best months for buying houses and the worst months for selling, 4) the exact words to say to a seller before presenting your offer, 5) and answers to 30 other real estate questions. ($97 Value)

"Who Needs a Bank? The How-To Guide for Buying and Selling on Owner Financing": Billy Johns reveals 1) two secret techniques that you can use to convince sellers to give you interest rates of 1% or 2% when you buy on owner financing, 2) the three buzz words to use when advertising to sell on owner financing that will make your phone ring off the hook with buyers, 3) a no-money down technique for building up a cash flow of $100,000 per month, and 4) answers to over 20 other questions about buying and selling on owner financing and buying and holding rental properties. ($119 Value)

"How to Start from Scratch and Generate $5,000 to $10,000 per Month in Passive Income from Multi-Family Properties": Stephane Fymat reveals 1) how to buy your first multi-family property even if you have no money and bad credit, 2) the types of multi-family properties that are best for beginners, 3) how to find cash partners for deals, 4) how to convince a multi-family property owner that you're a serious buyer, 5) the two secrets to writing offers that get accepted, 6) the three major pitfalls to avoid when pursuing multi-family properties, and 7) answers to over 28 other multi-family investing questions. ($119 Value)

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