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ARV in Real Estate: Improvement Pitfalls to Avoid (Part 2)

Home improvements aren’t always equal. When it comes to finding ways to increase real estate after-repair value (ARV), investors need to carefully consider what improvements to make. Some might seem like obvious ways to add value and attract buyers, but the reality is that they might scare buyers away. Our first part went over how…

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100 Deals in 15 Years [Sunny’s Investing Strategy]

Sunny has done over 100 real estate investment deals in 15 years… At first, she started off as a real estate agent, looking for investment properties for investor buyers. She realized there was much more money she could make off doing real estate investing instead of just collecting a commission fee. That was the point…

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How Ashish Sold His First Deal For One Million Dollars

Ashish’s very first deal was worth over a million dollars… But he admits that he didn’t really know what he was doing when he first got started. He says tenacity and commitment are the secrets to his successful real estate investing career so far. Not only is he very selective about the location and type…

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