ARV in Real Estate: The Tips & Tricks to Boost It, Part 1

Real estate investors look at a lot of numbers, but the after-repair-value (ARV) is the number that catches the most attention. We talk a lot about the ARV in real estate, and most investors know what it is, but estimating an accurate ARV isn’t always straightforward. Knowing which improvements and additions add value to a…

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An image of a person holding a gavel. Tax lien and tax deeds go to auction

Tax Lien Certificate vs. Tax Deed: The Key Differences

Sometimes property owners just can’t keep up. Whatever the reason, their property taxes don’t get paid. The municipality the property resides in needs these funds. So the government turns to investors in one of two ways: a tax lien certificate or a tax deed. Whether investors get a tax lien vs. tax deed depends on…

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