2018 Investing Forecast and All Access Q&A with Tom Berry

Reading Time: 2 minutesFor the past 10 years, Tom Berry has been successfully investing in real estate by being strategic and knowing how to predict and adjust to market trends. Whether it be fix and flips, wholesaling, or managing commercial properties, Tom has pretty much done it all. He now runs a property management company, a hard money…

Robin Reveals This SECRET to Fund Deals

Reading Time: 6 minutesRobin wanted ONE thing a lot of us want… He wanted to earn a LOT of money. So Robin researched the quickest ways to make a ton of cash… Turns out being a real estate investor is a much shorter route to making boatloads of money than becoming a lawyer! Even though Robin ran into…

How to React When Natural Disasters Hit – Q&A with Steve Rozenberg

Reading Time: 2 minutesSteve Rozenberg has a very unique perspective on real estate investing… While his company, Empire Enterprises, LLC, provides property management and realty services to investors… Steve is ALSO an active international speaker, airline pilot, and talks real estate every week on his radio show. This gives him the chance to talk to a variety of…

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How a Hamburger Made Mike a Successful Real Estate Investor

Reading Time: 8 minutesYou’ll never believe this! Up until Mike became a real estate investor, he NEVER had a three day weekend. Mike worked in the grocery business for 40 years…always working on holidays and never having the time for weekend trips. He hit a wall. He was sick and tired of the corporate environment and his lifestyle….