A Fix and Flip Journey: Jeremy Hicks’ Success Story

In our most recent success story, Houstonian Jeremy Hicks recounts how MyHouseDeals was able to help him transform a once battered and beaten old home into an impressive fix and flip project. While he had taken on some small DIY projects in the past, this was Jeremy’s first time attempting to flip a property from…

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picture of person's hand signing a contract

Wholesale Real Estate Contracts: A Guide to Create the Best Contract

In the business of real estate investing, there’s one element that might make investors queasy: contracts. Especially for newbie investors, contracts can be new territory. They’re often lengthy, technical, and time-consuming for non-lawyers. Luckily, wholesale real estate contracts don’t have to be any of these things! In fact, the best contracts are concise and easily…

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The Top Zip Codes for Investment Properties in Your Area [2021 1st Quarter]

A new year, a new quarter! In 2021’s first quarter, thousands of investment properties were added to MyHouseDeals throughout the US.  This report provides data about which market areas and deal types are available for profitable investing. In 2020,  a new investment property deal type called motivated MLS was added to MyHouseDeals.com. Motivated MLS deals…

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