Real Estate Investing Partners

Park’s Real Estate Investing Partners Helped Guide Him to Success

Park is a full-time investor who found a fire damaged house on MyHouseDeals that led to a great wholesale opportunity. He’s been working with a real estate investing partner called New Western for funding and ongoing investing support.  He stresses that being a successful investor takes a lot of upfront time and commitment, so it…

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Find Motivated Sellers

The BEST Way to Find Motivated Sellers for Wholesalers and Flippers

Finding an investment deal is great, but finding a deal directly from motivated sellers gives you the added option of wholesaling the property (or flipping for greater returns) since you can get it for a cheaper price. After doing over 40 deals, between wholesale, flips and rentals, I’ve found certain strategies that work well when searching…

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The Real Estate Mindset You Should Have [AMA with Brant Phillips]

Do you have the right mindset you need as a real estate investor? This is something that both beginner and experienced investors struggle with. As life changes, it’s easy to create limiting beliefs that end up hurting your investing career. Brant Phillips, a full-time real estate investor, coach, realtor, bestselling author and CEO/Founder of Invest…

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