January Meant Business for Us!

Hi investors!

How’s 2011 treating you so far? For us, the year arrived with a slew of new big-equity deals. January kept us busy, and here’s what we have to show for it!…

In January, we added 161 motivated seller leads and 476 wholesale deals to the website, adding up to 637 new properties with a total combined equity of $49,267,236.00!

Because we are not only about posting the deals, but also checking up on them for price drops and availability, we also followed-up on 364 deals and marked 319 deals and leads as sold or no longer available. This means that whoever snatched them up got a chunk of the $18,417,509.00 in combined equity they offered.

And that’s just a brief summary of what happened around our offices in January. February has barely started and already it promises to be a tremendous month here at MyHouseDeals.com. And there’s no snow storm and deep freeze to stop us. Rain or shine, we’ll get those deals to you!

Team MyHouseDeals.com

Posted on Feb 3, 2011

Author: Doug Smith

Founder of MyHouseDeals, Doug’s investing success allowed him to network with some of the greatest minds in business, and he’s been able to give back by sharing his investing knowledge to aspiring investors. To date, his investing tips and articles have been read by hundreds of thousands of investors. Although an active investor, Doug is most proud that he’s been able to transform people's lives by giving them life-changing advice and access to highly profitable investment opportunities through MyHouseDeals. And that this information has empowered them to make hundreds of thousands of dollars, quit their jobs, and most importantly, enjoy their lives with their friends and family. When he’s not investing in real estate, Doug enjoys traveling, softball, disc golf, and playing the guitar.

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