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Wholesale Real Estate Contracts: A Guide to Create the Best Contract

In the business of real estate investing, there’s one element that might make investors queasy: contracts. Especially for newbie investors, contracts can be new territory. They’re often lengthy, technical, and time-consuming for non-lawyers. Luckily, wholesale real estate contracts don’t have to be any of these things! In fact, the best contracts are concise and easily…

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Making Money Flipping Houses [AMA with Cody Sperber]

Cody Sperber is a real estate investor, author, coach, entrepreneur who has personally purchased and sold over 1000 properties. He is the CEO of CleverInvestor.com, which teaches beginners how to build a successful real estate business from scratch. With the passion for helping people achieve the life they always wanted, Cody has changed hundreds of…

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