Large house with a foreclosed sign out front with text overlay reading “Pre-foreclosure Leads: A Handy Dandy Guide.”

Pre-Foreclosure Leads: A Handy Dandy Guide

Foreclosure, a word that carries a different connotation depending on what it means for you. While not a term exclusive to real estate, a foreclosure occurs when a lender attempts to recover the amount lent to a borrower. They do this by forcing the sale of the asset used as collateral. In real estate specifically,…

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Real Estate Courses, Coaching and Events

Real Estate Investing Courses, Coaching and Events

For any investor serious about making money, real estate investing courses and training are a huge part of avoiding mistakes and ensuring profitability. You shouldn’t be investing if you don’t understand things like estimating rehab costs, finding deals, getting funding, hiring contractors, negotiating terms, closing contracts, etc.  You can start by getting up to speed…

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Understanding Real Estate Cycles + Best Advice for Each Cycle

Market cycles are timely, observable and predictable. But, as obvious as the signs are most real estate investors find it difficult navigating them. Missing out on profit potentials and buying at the wrong time are some examples of the consequences of wrong timing. There’s no national market cycle in real estate. Cycles are market and…

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