First Time Investors Success Story

How First Time Investors Tim and Rene Started Flipping

First time investors Tim and Rene Spears were able to complete their first flip rehab project within 31 days. They searched our Houston property listings to find a three bedroom single-family in need of lots of repairs. They were able to quickly jump in after making the right connections through networking and taking some real…

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real estate investor interview

Jay Goes from Odd Jobs to Funding His Own Deals

Jay Patel is a full-time real estate investor who’s found success with both flips and rentals. He has completed two deals using and shares his insight on how to build portfolio of investment properties.  He has experience raising money from private lenders and has now reached the point where he can fund his own…

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Real Estate Investing Partners

Park’s Real Estate Investing Partners Helped Guide Him to Success

Park is a full-time investor who found a fire damaged house on MyHouseDeals that led to a great wholesale opportunity. He’s been working with a real estate investing partner called New Western for funding and ongoing investing support.  He stresses that being a successful investor takes a lot of upfront time and commitment, so it…

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real estate investor success story

Sandel Builds Generational Wealth With Rentals and Flips

Sandel invests in both rentals and flips and teaches his kids about investing, so they can build wealth over the long-term. He enrolled in the Fortune Builders course to gain the knowledge necessary to create a successful real estate business. The house he found on MyHouseDeals was priced at only $51k and he expects to…

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