Flipping Houses

Anne Shares How Flipping Houses Can Lead To Retirement

Anne is now on her fourth single-family property and she already feels that flipping houses will allow her to retire from her job and become a full time investor within the next 5 years.   When she started investing, she learned that finding properties was the most difficult part of the process, and initially spent…

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How to Know the Best Time to Buy A Property: Darrell’s Secret

Darrell bought his first real estate property immediately after a hurricane… …Luckily for Darrell, he’d already done his research and knew it was the perfect time to jump in! Although he struggled to find contractors to work on his project, he feels better equipped now to take on even more deals. He’s learned a lot…

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How To Avoid Risk With Your First Flip [Justin’s Strategy]

Justin started his real estate investing career by getting his real estate license. He was a handyman by trade, so he loves being able to get his hands dirty… Justin talked to us about the benefits and downsides of having a real estate license. He also talked about what to look for when you are…

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