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Boom! Where to Invest and What Markets to Avoid in 2017

It’s a brand new year! And many investors are wondering what to expect from the real estate investing market in the next 365 days. Today, I’m going to share something with you that will help you make SMART investing decisions in 2017. You don’t have to invest blindly, and I don’t recommend basing your strategy solely on dated tropes…

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20 gift for real estate investors

20 Practical Holiday Gifts for Real Estate Investors

Finding gifts for loved ones during the holiday season can be stressful—but if you happen to know a real estate investor, I have just made this easier for you. Here is a wide range of gift ideas for investors, with a few links to products I researched on Amazon (using both user reviews and functionality). Practical…

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flip it or rent it real estate investor

Flip it or Rent it? Guru Video Reviews

You’ve done your research. After reading books and blogs, attending networking events, and running some numbers, you’ve decided its time to get started. You start looking at properties, come across one that seems to fit your parameters, and then you ask yourself… Should I flip it or rent it? The answer isn’t always simple, and…

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driving for dollars

Driving for Dollars 101: Tips from 5 Investing Experts

Some investors are all talk and no action. They’ve read all of the books and attended all the seminars, but they don’t take any action. You can set yourself apart with one simple strategy: Driving for Dollars. Unfortunate Hint: No, you aren’t driving around picking up money… What is driving for dollars? Driving for dollars…

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how to start wholesaling real estate

Wholesale Properties Guide 101: How to Start Wholesaling Real Estate

Wholesaling is the best strategy to get into real estate investing because of its low barrier to entry. Although the idea to wholesale properties can be a little daunting (and confusing), it’s attractive because it doesn’t require a lot of upfront money from the investor. Remember, when it comes to wholesaling, the investor is selling a…

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fund real estate investment flips and rentals

The Complete Go-To Guide to Funding Your Next Investment Deal

Imagine this… You just found the perfect deal. It is so great in fact, that it feels like a steal. You already contacted the seller and you’re formulating your future plans with this investment property. There is one key factor to making this deal come to fruition… Funding! One of the differences between seeing a…

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landlord guide to rental property

Landlord Guide to Rental Property

We’ve all heard the rental property horror stories. We’ve heard about the 3:00 a.m. phone calls for busted pipes and broken toilets. We’ve heard that being a landlord can be a real nightmare. But frankly, it doesn’t have to be that way. As with most aspects of real estate investing (and in life!), if you…

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house flipping for investors

An Introductory Guide to Flipping Houses

There are two primary strategies for real estate investors: flipping houses and rental properties. As a newer investor, or someone interested in investing, you may have questions regarding what exactly is involved in flipping a property. Here is our complete introductory guide to flipping houses for a substantial profit! What is house flipping? House flipping involves…

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