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ANNOUNCEMENT: Posting Property Deals Just Got Even Easier

Have you posted a wholesale property to sell lately? We’re excited to announce a new, improved posting experience for real estate investors, to make it easier than ever to post your deals to MyHouseDeals.

Now with more guidance and just a few simple steps…You’ll have your property sold in no time.

Use these new features to get your property posted and sold so you can start collecting your profit:

  • Use Zillow’s ARV estimate to help you determine the most accurate ARV for your property. No one likes an inflated ARV 🙂
  • As you enter property information, look for green boxes with helpful tips. It will make posting your property super quick and easy peasy.
  • Add tags to your deals! Select up to 5 descriptors and let potential buyers know exactly what to expect.

As always, posting a property is free.

Keep reading for a full breakdown of exactly how to Post a Property on MyHouseDeals and all the new helpful features.

Step 1: Property Address

The first step to posting your property on MyHouseDeals is letting us know exactly where the property is—it’s as simple as that. We’ll do some fancy work on our end to verify the address and provide some helpful information in the next step…

Step 2: Property Details

Next, you’ll enter the details of the property, starting with the property type. For a full breakdown of the different types of properties on MyHouseDeals, you can check out our post about it here: Different Types of Properties on MyHouseDeals.

You’ll also enter the part of town, and how many bedrooms, bathrooms and what type of garage you have. Optionally, you can enter the square footage of the property and the year built.

Below that you’ll see a brand new feature

myhousedeals property zillow estimate

While estimated after repair value is of course not new, the Zillow Estimate is. Zillow’s estimates aren’t always accurate, but knowing that your estimated ARV is significantly above or below the Zillow Estimate may help you reconsider your comps if needed. We put this here as a helpful tool—but it won’t be displayed with your property listing.

Below the entry for estimated repair value, you’ll enter more information regarding how you arrived at the after repair value, what your asking price is, whether or not the price is flexible and what your repair estimate is. Keep in mind that your repair estimate should include materials PLUS cost of labor to give the most accurate estimate.

Lastly, you’ll indicate whether or not the property is on the MLS. If your property is on the MLS, you’ll enter some additional information.

Step 3: Marketing

The next step when posting your property on MyHouseDeals is entering marketing information about your property. In other words, the information on this tab is what “sells” your deal.

Start out by entering a headline. Make sure the headline highlights what is unique and interesting about the property. Is it tenant-occupied? Is it in a particularly competitive part of town? Would the deal be best as a subject-to? Succinctly highlight these unique features in the property’s headline.

Another new feature…

The next step is to add “tags” to your property. You can select up to 5 tags that provide additional details about the property to investors. Make sure to choose the tags that are most relevant to your property.

The next portion of the marketing details tab provides room for additional property descriptors and any other details you haven’t mentioned yet. You’ll also indicate how investors will be able to access the property and how investors can contact with you.

After providing these details, you can upload up to 6 photos of your property. Make sure that the FIRST photo is the BEST photo, since this is the photo that will be seen by all MyHouseDeals members.

Paying MyHouseDeals members can view unlimited photos, but free members can only view one—and that one photo is the first photo you upload, so make sure it’s the most representative.

Lastly, you’ll have the option to request information about our optional “email blast service”.

Posting your deals on MyHouseDeals is always free. BUT…If you’re working with an especially tight deadline or are looking to get up to $5,000 more for your deal, super-charge your posting by sending one email that contains JUST YOUR PROPERTY.

The email will be sent to all members in your market, so be prepared to receive a flood of inquiries within a day or two. The cost ranges per market area.

Step 4: Review

The last step before submitting your property is to review all of the information you added to see if you’d like to make any changes, corrections or updates.

After reviewing and clicking “submit”, we’ll ask you to either log in if you’re not logged in, or to create an account if you’re not yet a member of MyHouseDeals.

Step 5: Success!

Your deal will be approved within one business day if it meets our posting guidelines—but most deals are approved within hours. Deals are not approved on weekends.

On this last page of posting your deal, you’ll have a chance to share a direct link to you deal, post the deal on social media, and even post it to CraigsList!


What do you think of the new post a property experience?

Let us know in the comments if you’ve ever posted a deal on MyHouseDeals, and how you like the new process.

Posted on Apr 12, 2018

Author: Alex Farris Soares

Alex is President of MyHouseDeals. Since 2006, he’s worked with real estate investors to bring them the marketing services and training they need to elevate their businesses and reach their goals. Alex is an avid customer advocate, enjoys affecting change in the REI and digital marketing industries, and promotes the values of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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