How Brittany Did Four Deals in Six months + Her Funding Strategy

Brittany and her husband have closed four deals within the past six months. Their big goal is to get more rental properties for long-term real estate equity and retirement savings. They devised a plan that helped them move from being full-time employees to employers within two years. Brittany does not agree with the option of…

How Edwin Made His Real Estate Investing Dreams Come True

Edwin is a real estate newbie, but he and his wife have done 10 deals already! Interestingly, their real estate journey started by seeing someone put out bandit signs. The rest is history. He followed a simple, but effective method that made his family and friends offer to give him money even without asking. Edwin…

Local Real Estate Investor Meetings in March 2019

Networking is a real estate investor’s key to success! Through real estate investor meetings, you learn about deals, financing options, and often you can even find your next deal. Check out these local real estate investor meetings for March in our top markets and start meeting other investors in your area… What meetings did we miss?…

How To Create an Actionable Plan AMA With Laura Alamery

Are you struggling with putting together a solid and actionable plan to get you started in real estate investing? Do you not know where to start or have too many options? Laura Alamery, a business owner, coach, and mentor with over 30 years of experience joined us today for a Facebook Live All Access Ask Me Anything(AMA) session….

Cynthia Helps Motivated Sellers Sell Their Homes Fast

Cynthia has discovered the holy grail for selling homes from motivated sellers FAST! First, she stumbled upon her first deal, then found how to use the simple MyHouseDeals process and now, she wants to help more people. Cynthia’s real estate investing story is one of grit, self-motivation, and luck… …yes, luck (if you say so)….