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Houston Texans Tunnel

Houston Texans follow my lead, secure victory!

Hello again fellow investor! I haven’t posted anything personal lately, so I’m due! What have I been up to lately? Oh, nothing I guess … except for turning the entire world of sports upside down!!! 🙂 The 2009-10 Super Bowl contenders and defending AFC champs, the Indianapolis Colts, were in town last weekend to face my Houston…

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$20K in equity for Ray. Will you be next?

Listen to this interview to hear Ray Davis discuss how he nabbed his first rental property from MyHouseDeals.com within a week of upgrading to Premium. Ray shares his story about how get got started in real estate and offers a couple tips to others who are looking to do the same. Here’s a glimpse at…

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Number of wholesale deals was up in August

August Sees Surge in Wholesale Deals

We had a 25% increase in the number of wholesale deals posted to MyHouseDeals.com in August. 632 wholesale deals were added to our database in August, which is great news for our members. Our goal is to continue to bring you the most and best deals. Always. How are deals added to the website? There…

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New video explores the “family business”

Who says real estate investing has to take time away from your family? This family of eight is adding “fun and profits” to the family mix by teaming up to rehab and wholesale properties part-time. Their company name is FCF Ventures, and they’re based out of Austin, TX. Over the last few months, they’ve bought…

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Live Event Photos, Networking Wall, and More

Thank you to all who attended our Live Event on Saturday! Putting on these events helps us to get closer to our members and hopefully open up a valuable networking channel for local investors. Our goal is also to educate our members about the latest trends, and we feel we accomplished that by providing different…

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Have you registered for this Saturday’s Live Event?

Our next Live Event with Training and Networking happens in Houston this Saturday! You won’t want to miss it, so click the image below to reserve your spot (it’s free!)… This is going to be another awesome opportunity for networking with other Houston investors and for learning about what’s working in real estate investing right…

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Why We Follow-Up on Deals

In July, we added over 900 deals to the website. That’s quite a number! Many of these deals got sold within the first week after they were posted. Several more were sold within the month. The deals that didn’t sell and are still available will probably see their asking price reduced so that they still…

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Getting Started in Real Estate Webinar Replay

As many of you know, last week we hosted a special webinar with Jack Mize entitled “Getting Started – Real Strategies to Replace Your Job with Real Estate Even if You Have Little to No Money or Credit.” During the webinar Jack discussed wholesaling, what we believe to be the perfect strategy for beginning investors,…

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3 Minutes about Rehabbing Houses with a Top Rehabber

I spent a few minutes with Eddie Gant, one of the most active rehabbers I know. Eddie is a pro when it comes to dealing with rehab properties, so there’s no one better to answer some of the most frequently asked questions we get about the topic here at the MyHouseDeals.com offices. When looking for…

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