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Wholesale Real Estate: Back to Basics

Amongst the tough times that 2020 has brought, real estate has seen its ups and downs. No industry has weathered the pandemic unscathed. Despite the economic downturn, the housing market has shown more stability than most as median home prices have reached record highs and mortgage interest rates have reached record lows. However, finding the…

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Find Motivated Sellers

The BEST Way to Find Motivated Sellers for Wholesalers and Flippers

Finding an investment deal is great, but finding a deal directly from motivated sellers gives you the added option of wholesaling the property (or flipping for greater returns) since you can get it for a cheaper price. While marketing is going to have different results depending on lead types, your target area (city, zip code, neighborhood),…

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Wholesaling: Ask-Me-Anything with Will Denker

Will Denker is an expert real estate investor and he’ll tell you everything you want to know about wholesaling. With more than 12 years experience serving home sellers… Will’s company, 123 Sold Fast, works to remove as much stress and worry as possible. As a wholesaler, Will is a problem solver and intuitive enough to…

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Top Zip Codes for Wholesale Deals in 2016

The numbers are out! We are excited to release the 2016 list of the most popular zip codes for wholesale deals. If you do your own marketing to find investment property, target properties in these zip codes because they are more likely to have motivated sellers and/or properties in disrepair. Both of these conditions can lead to…

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