How to Wholesale Houses Without Ever Talking to Sellers or Making Offers

Are you afraid? And no, I’m not talking like, ‘Boo, watch out for ghouls and goblins’ afraid…

I mean, are you fearful about some of the aspects of real estate investing? Does the thought of talking to sellers, negotiating or making offers scare the pants off you?


Maybe you’re concerned there’s too much investing competition – making it harder to find good deals and be successful… or you’re worried that the traditional deal-finding strategies may simply not work as well as they used to.

Perhaps it’s money… that always gets people, right? You’re nervous about not having enough of a solid budget to market effectively…

Well, my investor friend, this is Justin Wilmot here, the 10-Hour Wholesaler with more than a few years of solid investing experience, to let you know that you are not alone.

Most, if not all, newbies have similar fears. After all, beginning a new venture like REI can be scary.

But, you’re about to learn a new way to wholesale houses that takes the pain and fear away—a strategy where there are…

  • No expensive seller marketing campaigns
  • No hunting for deals – driving for dollars, bandit signs, etc.
  • No need to actually see houses in person
  • No negotiating or actually talking directly to sellers at all
  • No dealing with repair estimates, repairs, contractors, etc.
  • No lockboxes, taking pictures, running around town showing properties, etc.
  • No making offers or earnest money or proof of funds needed
  • No need to coordinate or even go to closings

How is this possible, you ask?

Well, all you need to do is tap into what I call, OPI or Other People’s Inventory – specifically, other wholesaler’s inventory.


The Benefits of OPI

Here’s what I love about Other People’s Inventory…

See, those other wholesalers have already done ALL the hard work to find motivated sellers and get them under contract – the heavy lifting is dunzo… and now they’re under the gun to find a buyer before their contract expires.

And you might be thinking, “Well, then that wholesaler is just going to reach out to their buyer’s list and wholesale the deal quickly.”

But it’s important to point out something here about the buyer’s lists

First of all, not all wholesalers even have a buyer’s list. And for those who do—they’re not foolproof…

Maybe their list doesn’t have enough buyers on it or maybe they’re not the right kind of buyers for certain deals—my point is, don’t let the thought of a wholesaler having a buyer’s list be a deterrent for you to not try and work with them.

Another point to mention is that with OPI, you’re not only building an entire business by leveraging other wholesalers, you also must bring value as well…

They have a deal, you have a buyer. Your value is a buyer.

You’re not getting something for nothing.

You have to create a win/win agreement with other wholesalers that lets you take their deal and offer it to your list of cash buyers. You’ll offer the deal to your buyers at the same price the other wholesaler was selling it for – no more no less.

When you have a found buyer and bring them in to buy the deal – that’s when you profit and so does the other wholesaler…

You both split the net wholesale profit—which often times is 50/50.

Doing deals this way takes away a huge part of an investors pain and fear… you don’t have to talk with the motivated seller or negotiate or make an offer because the wholesaler has already taken care of all that. I’ll drink to that!

Here’s Why This Works

This is actually a very simple and clear process for success…

Like I touched on above, it’s starts with you understanding that you’re bringing a unique and tangible value to the table…

  1. For your local wholesalers, you’re helping them sell their deals to buyers they may have not contact with or access to.
  2. And most likely, your cash buyers will be “mom-and-pop” type people who probably aren’t already involved with your local area of wholesalers – and they might not even really understand what a wholesaler actually is.

Now do you see your value?

You’re helping the wholesaler, seller, the cash buyer and yourself…

You’re basically positioning yourself as the matchmaker to both sides of the deal.

When using this strategy for investing and leveraging OPI, it’s been my experience that wholesalers and buyers are super appreciative and grateful that I’ve reached out to them to make deals happen this way.

And even better… they’re eager to do business with me over and over again.

And, of course, you get to avoid all the (sometimes scary and painful) legwork of talking with sellers, negotiating and making offers. Happy day!

Loads More Goodies

Look, I’ve got tons more valuable and actionable information on this new way to flip houses that I call 10-Hour Wholesaling… where, as I’ve just explained, you focus on connecting wholesalers’ inventory with your cash buyers.

My proven strategy allows me to work only about 10 hours a week on my REI business and I get to enjoy a healthy, full-time income with a very part-time effort.

But, there’s a right way to profit from these types of deals and a wrong way that could land you in hot water.

To learn more, check out my 10-Hour Wholesaler Presentation.


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Posted on Nov 10, 2016

Author: Justin Wilmot

Justin Wilmot of 10 Hour Wholesaler created a way to make a living AND spend as much time surfing and having fun with family and friends as possible. After working in the restaurant business, he knew he wanted a better future, so he started investing in real estate. He ended up wasting too much time with daily tasks such as marketing, negotiating and babysitting contractors. With this, he decided to automate his system. Today, he is a highly successful real estate investor who shares his system with others. He coaches and teaches people how to spend less time working in real estate investing with his 10 Hour Wholesaler Program.

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