Vendor List for Fayetteville Real Estate Investors

Our members are always asking us who provides investing-related services in their area. So we started asking around and built the list of vendors below. These vendors are members of this website, so they likely understand the needs of investors.

Most of the vendors below offer a special discount to Premium Members of MyHouseDeals. Become a Premium Member now to qualify for these discounts.

Disclaimer: Please note that we did not screen or verify these vendors. Use them at your own risk. MyHouseDeals cannot be held liable if your dealings do not go according to plan.

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Contracting: They'll help you repair your properties.

Vendor Services Contact
A&AG Cabinets & remodeling General Remodeling. Premium Member Special: None Aure barrera
A2Z Property Services LLC Unit Turns, remodeling, Cleaning, Evictions, Demo, Landscaping, and Trash removal. Premium Member Special: 10% Discount Greg Portee
Better Look Enterprise LLC HELP OUR COMMUNITY HAVE A PRODUCTIVE SAFER AND HEALTHIER WORK/HOME ENVIRONMENT THROUGH A WIDE RANGE OF CLEANING SERVICES USING MONTHLY TRAINED QUALIFIED SPECIALISTS, STATE OF THE ART TECHNIQUES AND EQUIPMENT. REACHING HIGH AND LOW SURFACES,. Premium Member Special: My services and the difference myself and my crew is the extra bonus I don’t low ball myself because my work is immaculate. You are doing to want to pay more! Allegra king
Blachaus Development Paint, smoke and soot remediation, mold remediation, cleaning, haul off, demolition, additions, framing, drywall, flooring. Premium Member Special: 10% discount Jamie Young
Carver llc housing remodeling service at affordable and fair prices. Premium Member Special: 15% discount to meet us Emerson Florio
Coastline Construction Interior/ exterior construction remodeling. Clean outs and demolition services. Premium Member Special: 10% closing costs Reese elliott
DONALD E WILLIAMS WITHOUT PREJUDICE UCC 1-207 UCC NOCTI CERTIFIED BUILDER RENOVATIONS SPECIALIST. Premium Member Special: 10% off on all 1st time investment property closing repair costs. DONALD E WILLIAMS
Ds roadrunner cleaning servicesLLC We provide cleaning and handyman services for investors and homeowners. Premium Member Special: 10% first time customer discount to show the client how outstanding our service is so next time they will feel comfortable paying the full amount Donald Edwards
Generation Development Contractors We provide every type of service from A - Z. Premium Member Special: To maintain a special relationship with our clients, we offer an initial consultation and budgeting for free, while an additional 10% off of the first service, and 20% off of the 10th project together. Michelle Pereira
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Home Depot Building material's and estimates. Premium Member Special: I don't know yet Lorelei Ramon-Rubio
LP STUCCO exterior finish all masonrry and stucco. Premium Member Special: special discount ANA PANUCO
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Mira security systems llc Selecting house, estimating, repair and fix .... Premium Member Special: Extra bonus Ashwin ray
north multiservices painting. Premium Member Special: descuento luis
Raphael Anthony Muojo 111 Contract Energy Assessment Contractor All Mechanical Labor Work My Own Labor,Assigning Buying Selling,On All Sides locating Properties Vacant Demolition New Builds,Rezoned Property.Highest Profit Environmental 100Percent.I Want To Own 10000. Premium Member Special: All Real Estate Categories,Buy Or Sell,Energy Assessment 100Percent Low Mortgage Rate,NNN 1031 Non Profit Profit Not For Profit LMI property Consultation All For A Percentage Fee Obligation Agreement Assignment Purchase Agreement.Web Site W Raphael Anthony Muojo 111
Saviors Custom Carpentry Inc All aspects of remodeling, additions, modular & new construction.. Premium Member Special: 10-15% discount for Premium Members David
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Second chance for We help children women find shelter people coming home from prison we reentry them into society we do a whole lot more information contact Tanisha at . Premium Member Special: Yes Tenicia Nash
Sumeiry N Company Limited Liability Company Contracting. Premium Member Special: 5% discount Nathalie Jones
Sunshine Services House repairs. Premium Member Special: 10% off Lisa Priester
Texas Remodeling & Demolition Llc General Remodeling. Premium Member Special: Special discounts. Jonathan Contreras
The Security Broker I offer solar and could get investors up to $135,000 of low or no cost money for 12 months to go solar and do other home improvement projects. Premium Member Special: Premium members can get $599 refunded back to them upon solar installation. Lee Miller
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Toto's Remodeling LLC We do the full rehab. Premium Member Special: free estimates on properties. Anyull Itzep
Transparent Maintenance, Inc. General contractor. Premium Member Special: Bulk Jen Henderson
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Triple E Pest Control Pest Control, Exterminating, Painting, Plumbing, Electrical work (carpentry). Premium Member Special: I offer discounted prices, and an invitation to join together & create a positive movement. I offer extra bonus to those who referred business to my company. Eli Foster

Financing: They'll help you fund your deals.

Vendor Services Contact
Blythe Business Consulting We provide a number of services for real estate investors and businesses in need of financing through all stages of growth including startup capital. We buy and sell mortgage notes ,sba financing , insurance, retirement planning. We also ha. Premium Member Special: We can offer them a discount on their closing cost of 15%. Some closing as fast a seven days Have a network of private lenders and alternative lenders Jeffrey Blythe
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Cardinal Investment Group LLC Help them get non-owner occupied properties, rehabs, fix and flip, Refinance on free and clear property to cross collateral into a property they are wanting to purchase. Premium Member Special: can discuss Cynthia Campbell
CreativehomebuyersInvestment Group when a true investor finds a property that they want to buy and flip, we get then funded. Premium Member Special: Premium members, would be first in line to get the funding, for their deals, and would get repeat service Gregory ED Lazzaro
EBSC Lending EBSC-Lending is a fast-growing private lender offering customized lending solutions for real estate investors and developers. Our team has decades of lending experience and we’re here to help you through every stage of your project. We ar. Premium Member Special: Discounted interest rates of 7.5% Martin Alex
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609-736-0747 Godaddycool Company was a investing for Real state property to Buy and selling property.. My contact detail. Go to my website click the link you can see what property uou looking for. Pricing details are located to my website. If you have a. Premium Member Special: I offer a special discount of free membership to Myhousedeal. Rhonnell Hari
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J Dan Powell Co I understand that as an active buyer of distressed properties, one of the biggest obstacles you face is coming up with the Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) needed to put properties under contract. EMD requirements can range from a few thousand d. Premium Member Special: I will offer free use of my JV contract and Wholesale contract, a $7000 value. Jacob Powell
Jim Blackburn Axen Mortgage Residential and commercial financing. 20 years experience. Premium Member Special: $0 lender fee (saving $1,995). Jim Blackburn
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Ladera del Norte LLC Your interest speaks volumes. I am a private money broker with access to millions of dollars. We are asset based lenders. Personal credit is not required. We lend for rehab/fix and flip, end buyers. Premium Member Special: Prompt service Timothy Emery
new Legacy Capital Resources, LLC We provide funds for EMD, Double Closes, PML for Fix & Flips, and Gap. We also partner with a HML for New Construction, Rentals, Commercial Bridge, Multi-Family, and Cash-out Refi. Premium Member Special: We can offer MyHouseDeals no Origination fees on Transactional loans. Maria Hartman
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LuCaya Capital LLC Deal structing for real estate financing and business working capital. Premium Member Special: TBD DeBoRaH Burris
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Master Capital Partners WHAT WE OFFER We fulfil three key functions for each project INVESTING We source exceptional assets in each industry by keeping a continual pulse on the markets. – Financial, Legal, and Tax Due Diligence – Investment Strategy MANAGE. Premium Member Special: Discount on a Case by Case system. Samuel Mensah
MISSION Financial Resources MISSION Financial Resources is an alternative finance brokerage providing non-bank / private money / hard money investor funding programs for most commercial & investment residential asset classes. Purchase, Rehab, Refi, New Construction, . Premium Member Special: Flat broker fee of 1.25% of the funded amount and 20% fee rebate (gift card) on any closed deal. Phillip Young
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National Capital Holdings We provide credit, cash and constructions partners as well as exit strategies on any heavy equity deal. Premium Member Special: commission split and referral fee National Capital Holdings
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New Western I buy and sell for investors to rehab. Premium Member Special: I work with New Western, who has subsidiary lender and title companies with contractor and other vendor connections. Stephen Tassy
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POWER OF ATTORNEY LAW GROUP We anssist investors and wholesalers fund up to 100% of their deals if the have a back end buyer already in place. We provide same day funding in any amount up to $1,000,000 or a lot more. Unlimited funding amounts for both residential and . Premium Member Special: 10% off on any of our service fees. MJ SMITH
Riverbank Funding Corporation Investor Loans, Fix and Flip, Bridge, Rental Property Loans, Commercial Property Loans. Premium Member Special: 1 point discount on fees Jason
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Royal Base Capital Royal Base Capital Our goal is to help clients close their deals as efficiently as possible, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done. With our persistence and diligence, you can be assured that I will deliver. I am glad to b. Premium Member Special: Good deals Abdul Rahman
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Savage Investors, LLC I'm a private money lender and I lend money to real estate investors for fix and flips, buy and hold, or refi and reboot. Looking for seasoned investors that know how the loan process works. Premium Member Special: If they can provide proof of a LOI letter of intent, or show a quote another lender already offered, I will beat any competitors price. Natasha
Sparrow house Find houses for investment for them. Premium Member Special: I Saghar
Srewart &Assoc of Spokane Provides Private Money Loans. Premium Member Special: Case by case Becky Stewart
Super Gaytor, LLC I JV partner with wholesalers, business owners, and contractors and essentially lend them small amounts of money as carrying costs to be able to get a deal done or keep going in exchange for a high return. Premium Member Special: 10% less than our negotiated rate per deal Heidi Lovig
Superior Choice Services 70% No Doc Loan, 7 Day Close. Premium Member Special: Free Appraisal Helen Alli
Supreme Financial Solutions LLC We help investors secure cash buyers. Premium Member Special: First deal closing with no fees to the investor. JOSEPH Spriggs
the Cam Danlup realstate deals find deals finance them and sale to a buyer on the same day. Premium Member Special: Properties and deals to investors customer service
The Money Market Inc We are the Amazon for Mortgage solutions. Premium Member Special: We offer .25% off. Paul LeJoy
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TRB 360 INVESTING Transactional funding(EMD and double closing) , private money and hard money. Premium Member Special: Case by case depending on the deal I can offer a point or 2 less Tom Brown
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VI Sun Sizzling Services, LLC I can assist in helping investors get their real estate deals funded as well as property management services for rental properties. We also provide other professional services and products. Premium Member Special: We give a 10% discount across the board with all our products and services for MyHouseDeals Premium members. Abdul R Liburd
We The People Economics Deal finder/wholesaling service that finances qualified deals and pays a nice fee in return on as many properties as possible. Premium Member Special: Not sure yet. Will update once I get more info. Gaius Cameron
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Investing: They'll help you buy more properties.

Vendor Services Contact
CurrentForeclosures Focuses on providing the most up-to-date list of foreclosure properties on the Internet. While the vast majority of foreclosure websites provide out-dated and limited information, goes in the oppposite direction to ensure the listings are both complete and accurate. Current Foreclosures
1 G Buying We have Buyers Nationwide, including Hedge Funds. The Buy Box is Off or On Market, Single or Multi Family. Min 2/1, 900 SF. For Fix and Flips, Short or Long Term Rentals. Creative Financing, Lease Options, Sub2, Owner Financing. If you want to bring a Property, we will JV with you to bring the Buyer. If you also want to be on our VIP Buyer List, please call or text us. 407-536-7449. If you are a Buyer or have Buyers yourself, most of the properties we bring are 67% ARV or lower. Premium Member Special: We will gladly talk about a better profit for you. G Buying
247 Cash Offer sell off market properties to cash buyers. Premium Member Special: 10% discount on select properties Ron Garner
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3infutboswells LLC Find investment properties. Premium Member Special: A 3% increase in final profit margin when sale is finalized Greg Boswell
4K Real Estate Group Wholesale properties and purchase for fix & flip opportunities. Premium Member Special: I offer access to my group of cash investors that are aggressively looking to make deals happen Art Kimber
Abbyflex Property and Investment Buy and hold. Premium Member Special: 10% Dayo Olayinka
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Align Right Realty Gulf Coast I help investors find the right properties for there needs. Premium Member Special: 10% Nicholas Worlds
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Alsobrook Acreage We find houses that investors are looking to fix and flip. Premium Member Special: 10% off contract assignment fee Walter
Astra Capital wholesale deals. Premium Member Special: wholesale deals Jonathan Chacko
Balcony Breeze Enterprises, Inc Wholesaling. Premium Member Special: Sure Alex Cottrell
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Beach & Boyd Associates Corporation Wholesale Real Estate, Procurement Specialist. Premium Member Special: Sell through an experienced contractor! Sharie L Beach
Best Deal Hunter We help investors buy properties from auctions and off market. Most of them are Brazilian. Premium Member Special: Huge discount on properties off market Jader Miranda
Better Homes Visit Contracts /Deals. Premium Member Special: Extra Bonus Kimberly Journigan
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BFB Wholesales Help sellers sell their home and get investors to purchase their home. Premium Member Special: Dedication. Bruce Bond
Big Mike’s real estate Buy and sell homes. Premium Member Special: Deal on houses Brian Knight
Bnsac Investments Buy Investment Property. Premium Member Special: Open Rahmann
Brick Ventures LLC We find wholesale deals and pass them off to investors. Premium Member Special: 10% off assignment fee Christopher Gill
Brix Buy and Sell. Premium Member Special: Investor Discounted Properties Scott
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Burgess Legacy Investments, LLC Acquire properties, dispo and marketing. Premium Member Special: Offering a bonus for off market properties that fit sellable margins RanaPeri Davis
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Capital Ventures LLC Actively looking for the best real estate deals possible. Getting the maximum return on investment. Premium Member Special: Small bonus Cesar Ramirez
Casso Inc Investing services and education. Premium Member Special: Not sure Casso Inc
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CB Administrative Services LLC 1031 Alternative Service. Premium Member Special: 5 basis points (1/2 a point) per referral that closes Kevin Brunner
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CC Real-estate Holding company We wholesale. We sell equitable value contracts to cash buyers for a fee. Premium Member Special: 1% of 1 deal MARY R CLINKENBEARD
Cencap corp. At Cencap corp. We invest in properties that represent excellent capital gains and dividend gains for investors. We chose among properties that are undervalued based on fundamentals due to market sentiment and/or funding. We provide excelle. Premium Member Special: 7%off first deal. Alejandro Fridman
Century 21 Results Realtor helping my client find and flip homes in Lawrenceville, Duluth, Suwanee, Buford GA and surrounding areas, but preferably in those areas. Premium Member Special: Not sure how to answer that one. Bob Reilly
CMC INVESTMENTS LLC connect the seller with buyer directly. Premium Member Special: not sure this question, willing to pay a fee CHRISTINA
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Colby Artis Deals. Premium Member Special: Discounted properties COLBY ARTIS
colt stone property investments llc find investment opportunities for buyers. Premium Member Special: great rates deirdre gaudet
cooks boi logistics llc we find wholesale, fix and flip properties. Premium Member Special: i am open to discount just name the number. rondell cooks
Culture Estates LLC I provide discounted properties to investors to fix and flip or buy and hold. Premium Member Special: Na Angel Huff
Davis Realty Investments LLC Wholesale. Premium Member Special: I'm not sure what my options are yet. LaTesha Davis
Devine Realty LLC Hi there, My name is Ayri and I am a female owned and operated LLC that finds needle in the haystack rocks, turning them into diamonds. Premium Member Special: Special discount Ayriana Steele
Diamond T Properties Investor buying houses fast for cash. Premium Member Special: 10% Clint Tacker
Dream Flips LLC We buy, sell, and flip single family homes. Premium Member Special: Agent fee collaboration Cobina Gibson
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Dream Haven Real Estate Investing Group. Premium Member Special: $100 per deal executed Rayanna Walker
Dream Money Solutions Our Services include: A real estate marketplace that aggregates properties from multiple sources, including MLS listings, real estate auctions, and off-market opportunities. A network of real estate agents specializing in investment proper. Premium Member Special: A 5 - 10 % discount depending on the size of the contract to be serviced. Edwin Ivey
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DS Partners, LLC wholesaling, multi-family. Premium Member Special: Not sure at this point. Denise Salaam
Ebby Halliday Realtors Realtor investor. Premium Member Special: Discounts Stacy Ferguson
Eight19 Realty, LLC Property Research and Analysis, Deal Sourcing, Financial Analysis, Property Inspection and Due Diligence, Negotiation, Portfolio Building, and Rental Property Management. Premium Member Special: Discounted rates on PropertyManagement Services Tiffany Jones
Eminent Self Storage The business purpose of our efficient self-storage facility is to provide a safe, convenient, and reliable solution for individuals, families, and businesses in need of secure and accessible storage space. Our state-of-the-art facility is d. Premium Member Special: Lifetime Services Jamar Wright
Epic Buy and sale properties. Premium Member Special: Premium member. fidel
EXP REALTY buying and selling. Premium Member Special: yes MIchael
eXp Realty Staging and Listing the house. Premium Member Special: Free Staging Services if they list with me Anh Jorgensen
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First day out LLC we offer distressed houses at a discount. Premium Member Special: +500 at closing Shawn & Cerrell
FNC Group Real estate wholesaler. Premium Member Special: 5% Ro Johnson
Global 2 Mogul Properties Wholesaling. Premium Member Special: Yes Patrick Sh
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Global Retail Sales L.L.C Lucrative Off-Market Commercial and Residential Properties. Premium Member Special: Extra 10% off Already Discounted Properties. Sean De Vere Robinson
Golden concept enterprise Real estate investment sevices. Premium Member Special: One family 525 worth 800 fixed need 80 work Richard Vanhorne
GrothEdge Ventures, LLC EMD and transactional A-B(double closing) funding for wholesale deals. Premium Member Special: 10% off fee structure Ryan Kikendall
Haddad Investments And Developments We find stress property's for cash buyers and investors looking to fix and flip or buy and hold investments. Premium Member Special: We offer investment properties at 30% to 50% discount John Haddad
Healing to Manifest Wholesale and invest houses. Premium Member Special: Connection to the house or property I have available Houa Lee
Homerunoffer Finds properties and wholesale properties. Premium Member Special: Discount James
Individual I am a wholesaler that connects investors with properties to flip, or buy and hold. Premium Member Special: Priority choice of houses Jonathan Henley
Iron Creek Ranch Holdings Inc Wholesaling. Premium Member Special: 4% saving Abrielle Villeneuve
Janke & Co. Properties realtor. Premium Member Special: 5% marie janke
jbrose trinity investments llc wholesaling. Premium Member Special: 3% jennifer bautista
Jeffrey Kizer I wholesale property contracts to cash investor's. Premium Member Special: Great wholesale deal with significant amount of profit. 💰 Jeff
King Cobra Solutions Wholesaler. Premium Member Special: Extra bonus Corey Felton
Kundalini Rising LLC Wholesaling. Premium Member Special: 20% off our services Brandi Brooks
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La Familia Capital Management Corp Wholesale deals. Premium Member Special: Discounts on off market properties Juan-Carlos Martinez
Lara Lara Enterprises New in the wholesale space, plan to wholesale first then move forward. Premium Member Special: Not sure just looking Lynda
Limitless Equity Group Real Estate Wholesaler. Premium Member Special: VIP access to my deals Sean Christopher
LPS Fix& Flip, Wholesale, Sub-To, creative finance etc. Premium Member Special: Reasonable Rob
Mapp Property Solutions Connecting Relocation Services. Premium Member Special: 3% discount Tamika Mapp
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Marilyn Realty Group LLC Realtor find properties for clients to live or invest in. Premium Member Special: Extra bonus as suggested Nicole Ricketts
Marka Kompa, PhD, MBA, LLC Provide cash offers with a close date within 14 days and pay closing costs. Premium Member Special: deal by deal Marka Kompa
Masoud Amini Wholesale. Premium Member Special: Wholesale masoud
Millionaire LLC We secure properties for wholesale, flip, buy and hold. Premium Member Special: One time free research service. Joe P.
Mirror solutions group MSG, LLC Provides under market value deals. Premium Member Special: More properties than they can handle. Asana folorunsho
MMIC Check LLC I am a wholesaler that find fix n flip properties for buyers. Premium Member Special: A great and honest relationship and I promise to bring them the deals they are looking for. Joshua Robertson
Moram enterprise llc Wholesaling of real estate properties. Premium Member Special: 2 percent off fee Kenneth or Ashley
Moving IT Forward Properties LLC Invest. Premium Member Special: A percentage Abdiel Tate El
Nadlan Group We locate off market deals and provide financing. Premium Member Special: 50% off in the costs to purchase a deal or getting financing+ a free 1 hour Zoom consultation Lior
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National Home Solutions LLC Fix and Flip Wholesaling Buy and Hold. Premium Member Special: Cash Discount Martin Gonzalez
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Nationwide Real Estate We're a Nationwide Heavyweight. We provide Real Estate investors with properties throughout the US. Experienced team - provides heavily discounted properties 30-70%. We are very active in major markets throughout the United States. Cont. Premium Member Special: Premium Members will get $250 off any property. They will also get access to our Renovation Team to discuss any rehab projects and how they might save money and time on their projects. Tips, tricks and feedback from a seasoned investment c JP
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Needtobuy Provide Exclusive Off-Market Properties. Premium Member Special: N/a Saraim Gonzalez
Link to Website
Networth Realty I specialize in distressed property in the Phoenix Valley and can provide 20-30 deals to investors from off-market inventory. Premium Member Special: We have a national partnership with home depot that can provide our investors discounts for rehabbing properties, along with relisting services for our investors when they finish a project at only 1% commision! Abel Perry
NetWorth Realty Investment Real Estate. Premium Member Special: My gratitude. Haylie Meadors
New Western Marketplace for investors! Premium Member Special: special discount! Brigid McNally
New Western We sell properties to investors. Premium Member Special: A deal Clay Packel
New Western Provide a marketplace for real estate investors. Premium Member Special: n/a Daniel Rentie
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New Western Operate a marketplace for investors to find distressed housing to flip or hold. Premium Member Special: first come first serve, at least 10 deals a week throughout Chicago and its suburbs. Erich Byelick
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New Western White glove service for investors looking for off market/ distressed properties in the Houston area. Premium Member Special: my services! Chelsey Jones
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New Western Investment Real Estate Agent. Premium Member Special: Work out the price Luis Morales
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New Western We offer investment properties all in and around Austin. Premium Member Special: BONUS Katie Kennedy
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new New Western Provide investment properties. Premium Member Special: p0 Benjamin Birk
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New Western We draw on deep local market knowledge and a wide array of data to deliver a constant supply of inventory to the market. But it doesn’t stop there. We work tirelessly behind the scenes to navigate complicated transactions, eliminate obsta. Premium Member Special: Access to off market properties for investors. Edward Perales
New Western New Western is a marketplace for real estate investors to find home to rehab. Premium Member Special: access to our marketplace Patrick Thurman
New Western Personalized investment experience from increased deal flow and vendor connections to acquisitions and dispositions agents working around the clock to curate investments for you portfolio(s). Premium Member Special: Exclusive Marketplace Access Venson Nunnaley
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New Western We help investors buy and sell their properties through out our state and nation. We carry off market deals and move a large number of homes each week. Premium Member Special: We offer a clean and clear title on all of our properties. Leo Colmenares
New Western Find discounted off market deals for investors. Premium Member Special: Free access to my up and coming deals before made public with a signed disclosure. John Hornof
Link to Website
New western We will find the end buyer for your property. Premium Member Special: top dollar James Edward Dunegan
Link to Website
new New Western Help investors buy distressed properties. Premium Member Special: Off-market distressed properties with high profit margins for new and seasoned investors Sami Amir
New Western Facilitating investors search for As is rehab property opportunities. Premium Member Special: Not right now
Link to Website
New Western We provide high value off market properties to investors looking to grow their portfolio. Premium Member Special: We will give you unbeatable prices in great areas Anthony Abbott
New Western Investment properties. Premium Member Special: Access to hard money lending Chantell Robinson
Link to Website
New Western Exclusive off-market properties for investors. Premium Member Special: Our exlcusive market is free as there are no fees or strings attached. I can present investors 4-10 new properties a week. Parker Reyna
Link to Website
New Western Providing off market properties to investors. Premium Member Special: Depends on the house. Tiffany Hicks
New Western Provide majority off market properties for investors to buy. Premium Member Special: no bonus Elias Osborne
New Western I provide off-market and discounted investment properties to investors that are looking to fix and flip, buy and hold, or do large scale developments. Premium Member Special: Access to exclusive inventory, access to professional and reliable lending, and access to a network of real estate services such as title companies, contractors, cleaners and investors. Zahmir Brooks-Smith
Link to Website
New Western I provide off market real estate investment properties. Premium Member Special: zero John Bryant
Link to Website
New Western Wholesaler. Premium Member Special: Get on my buyer's list. Brian Connor
New Western We provide a marketplace for investors to find an buy property. Premium Member Special: We would like to offer members the opportunity to work with us and thousands of investors to find the right buyer or property to invest in. DeJuan Tartt
Link to Website
New Western Providing 50 off market real estate opportunities per month . Premium Member Special: n/a Christian Estrada
Link to Website
New Western We are a marketplace for investors. Premium Member Special: We will pay closing costs on any property that we buy. David Haragan
Link to Website
New Western We operate a marketplace for investment real estate where we connect motivated buyers with motivated sellers. Premium Member Special: Be on my list of exclusive off-market deals! Madison Peterson
New Western Exclusive under market deals for investing. Premium Member Special: not sure Bella Lapinskas
Link to Website
New Western We are a wholesale marketplace that connects investors with properties around Tennessee. Premium Member Special: We find discounted properties all around Tennesee. Mason Sligar
Link to Website
New Western Wholesale/ off market properties/double closing. Premium Member Special: Off Market properties Deanna Zimmerman-Kobush
New Western A great resource for distressed investment properties (often time off market). Premium Member Special: In person meeting to discuss their investment strategy Gino Cruz
Link to Website
New Western New Western provides a marketplace for investors to find properties to rehab. Premium Member Special: 0 LaShawna Tizenor
Link to Website
NovaHomesLLC Wholesaler. Premium Member Special: We get off market properties, and negotiate the price down by at least 10-15k Andrew Murray
OpenResi Assign properties. Premium Member Special: $1,000 referral fee Mika Harris
Pacific Hallmark Buy and sell real estate purchase options. Premium Member Special: 7.5% reduction in fee Mark Hall
Pinnacle Property Locators Locate off market properties for investors. Premium Member Special: 1st deal discount. Maria E Unkovich
Project Land Solutions, LLC I am a Real Estate Broker, Oil & Gas Landman, and Right-of-way Agent. I Broker and market all property types. I acquire land for corporate clients. Premium Member Special: My offer is value for their money. I help property buyers/owners manage and solve problems in a cost efficient and profitable way. Robert Findley
Link to Website
Project Realty llc Wholesale. Premium Member Special: 10% on Quick Closings 15 days or less Glen Bland
Property Records in Alaska Alaska Property Records. Premium Member Special: Property records or deeds in the Alaska provide information about a piece of land or any property constructed on the land. Many county recorders’ offices have made the records available online for the public. Property Records in Alaska
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new Rabode LLC Wholesaler. Premium Member Special: Bonus services Debbie Peters
Link to Website
REA I find available deals worthy of investments. Premium Member Special: Off market deals. Stephany Gonzalez
Real estate solutions 12 Consulting. Premium Member Special: Special discount Sarah judah
new Realty Keys I find distressed homes that investors may want to buy. Premium Member Special: Ill match Mayra
RMF2 Investments Wholesale and Rehab Value Add Properties. Premium Member Special: 10% George
Rose Paulino LLC I provide investors with properties. Premium Member Special: no Rose
Rush Pad Real Estate Help locate cash buyers and sellers. Premium Member Special: Special discount Victoria
Link to Website
Sagas Find investment properties & flip properties. Premium Member Special: We offer a 3% discount of investment purchase Brittney Scott
Sanctus Capital Wholesale. Premium Member Special: Discounted prices Sam Vera
Shelton Estate & Co. Acquisitions & mergers specialist. Premium Member Special: A special discount of 25% percent on all products and services Honorable Larry Shelton
Link to Website
Smart Capital Realty Group Wholesale assignments. Premium Member Special: Explain Rhonda Metcalfe
Speedy Home Offer, LLC Off-market properties at a discount for buy-and-hold, fix/flip, BRRRR, and creative opportunities. Premium Member Special: We can offer flat rate assignment fees and also instead of assignments we can also take a percentage (if fix/flip) at the end of the deal. Angie Rivera
Sungate Funding LLC I find deals and wholesale them to investors. Premium Member Special: A share of my commission. Gunnar Peters
Swygart Investment Group We match investors with residential and commercial properties. We also fix n flip and wholesale properties. Premium Member Special: We can offer free resources and a one time consultation to would be investors looking to get into real estate. Kendrick Swygart
TAP REALTY LLC I am a real estate agent. I have off market properties that I market for investors. Premium Member Special: I am a real estate agent. I have off market properties that I market for investors. Bring me your best offer!! Tricia Picinich
Texas Property Network We build and Generate Long-Term Wealth. Premium Member Special: $2500 off the original asking price. Axel Ciminera
TGFLIP Marketing Agency Digital marketing and off market real estate investments for real estate community. Premium Member Special: Digital marketing services to generate leads and build a brands. Takuma Guzman
Link to Website
THE 305 AGENCY MIAMI We are specialized in Investment Properties, (flip, rental income) and working with INTERNATIONAL, OUT-OF-STATE and LOCAL clients. With several years of experience we will guide you through the whole process from FINDING the perfect investm. Premium Member Special: extra bonus (tbd) SANDRA LOPEZ BENKAHLA
Link to Website
Titanium Investments We have 4+ million capital investors in our buyers pool. We can help you find a buyer for your deal. We service all 50 states. Premium Member Special: 50/50 split on your wholesale deal. Daniel Simmons
Link to Website
Tk Johnson investment group LLC I find properties for cash buyers to either flip or use as rental properties. Premium Member Special: 10% Takari Johnson
Tribunal finance Tribunal Finance specializes in bringing exclusive real-estate opportunities typically reserved for large institutions to the individual and retail investor. Premium Member Special: Work with our team of Financal experts to create a plan for budgeting and money management so you put aside the correct right funds for your future investments. Noyan Francis
Link to Website
True Syndicate LLC we do real estate investing. Premium Member Special: I don't know kady
TurnKey Homes LLC Assignment Deals. Premium Member Special: Exclusive access to network of 250+ deals Martin Kinsey
UpFront Dollar We are a wholesaling company who loves to keep properties moving to and fro. Premium Member Special: We will add extra discount onto deals through MyHouseDeals Mario Gates
URBANSUBURBAN DEVLOPMENT GROUP USDG We sell & buy off market properties and create the differences. . Premium Member Special: A discount! Ronell Simmons
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new V. DURHAM RE Distressed Property Recovery In our pay-per-lead business model, we aim to deliver top-notch leads within the industry. Your task is simply to convert them into successful deals. These leads are not only real-time and hot but also exclusive. Allow us to assist you in c. Premium Member Special: We believe 10% OFF on the first lead purchase will be enough to show what we can do and keep you coming back for more! Vivienne Durham
VIP REAL ESTATE LLC Provides services in assignment of contracts/wholesales. Premium Member Special: Lower deposit, as is buyer, 1,000$ off price Phillip Jesse Villa
WE KNOW A GUY LLC wholesale real estate. off market deals that we put under contract then later Assign those contracts to the fastest bidder. Premium Member Special: Direct Acsess to our 2,500/month contract assignment list. These deals will be already under contract already accessed with pictures, walked through , inspected and appraised. Good to go. William McCulloch
WholeRS We help you to grab as many houses so you don’t have to do all the hassle for my real estate investors. Premium Member Special: Extra house for free on us jonathan
Wolf Pack Association LLC Connect home sellers with cash buyers. Premium Member Special: Service Derrick
470-452-8933 renovations/contracting. Premium Member Special: Bonus Charles Powell
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ZI Properties Wholesale deals. Premium Member Special: Lower cost to entry to wholesale deals Naz
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Other: Inspectors, appraisers, property managers, and more!

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MySmartMove Tenant screening for independent landlords. MySmartMove
831 Media Group Wholesaling videography photography. Premium Member Special: 10% christopher s surratt
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A&E Investment Opportunities Bird dogging. Premium Member Special: 2% Mahdi Esmail
Accurate Leads, LLC We provide name, address and/or telephone numbers to owners of distressed properties. Premium Member Special: We offer 20% discount to MyHouseDealsPremium members. Donald Atkinson
new AcquisitionAI We are a generative AI Voice company. We have an outbound and inbound calling solution that makes calls using AI with a Human Like voice to make outbound dials to prospect for motivated sellers. Premium Member Special: We want to offer MyHouseDeals members 50% their initial setup fee. Cem Er
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barzegari llc wholesaling. Premium Member Special: Great trading position barzegari
Batey’s Royalty Moving and storage Moving services, loading. Disassemble and reassemble, labor only, furniture delivery and junk removal. Storage solutions and Notary and loan signing agent. Premium Member Special: $100 off Moving services Anthonisha
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Buy Houses Fast We Buy & hold and Wholesaling. Premium Member Special: 3% Ash
Cadet Properties Investment buying and Sale Properties. Premium Member Special: yes Ronald Cadet
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Capture Data Services llc Property Data Collection (hybrid appraisal). Premium Member Special: Special Discount Orentha Harris
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Décor De Rêve Luxury Home Decor & Interior Design. Premium Member Special: We are able to offer a discount of 10% for orders under $50,000, a discount of 15% for orders between $50,001 and $99,999, and a discount of 20% for orders over $100,000 USD Dale
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diamond groups wholesaler. Premium Member Special: facilitarle a la venta de la propiedad lo mas pronto posible junto con mi equipo de trabajo cindy hernandez
Digital Handyman Dallas area specialist. Direct mail - design, print, & send. Data/list clean up, all things Excel, building websites, social media posting, and digital advertising starting at $99/campaign. For business owners in DFW and nationwide. Premium Member Special: Save $50 on any services. Direct mail, data/list clean up, all things Excel, building websites, social media posting, and digital advertising starting at $99/campaign. For business owners in DFW and nationwide. Bill Griffith
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Digital Mobey Hub SEO services. Premium Member Special: Special discount Elizabeth
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Dogon Investments & Consulting LLC Wholesale, consultant, investor. Premium Member Special: Free deal analysis. Dexter Rogers
EBA Homes Mail Texting. Premium Member Special: Will beat any quote they bring us by 5% Evan Albertson
Effortless Charm Staging We offer full service Vacant Home Staging service in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, as well as Do-It-Yourself Remote Vacant Home Staging for those who are looking to control their staging budget. For the Do-It-Yourself Remote service, the Inve. Premium Member Special: 10% discount on their first Vacant Staging Service or DIY Remote Staging. Nedra Hines
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ELEVATE ASCENSION LLC Educational & Coaching Services. Premium Member Special: Free Consultation and Coaching Call Jalen Davis
Equipment Anywhere Equipment Anywhere connects buyers and dealers around the world that are looking for construction equipment. If you are a dealer looking to sell your equipment, equipment anywhere is the place to be for you. Simply sign up on our website an. Premium Member Special: NONE John Robert
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Keller Williams realty select realtor. Premium Member Special: great deals on properties Marcell Kiss
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Kingdom investments llc Help investors find properties. Premium Member Special: Great Deals and fast closing Aimee Balladarez
LHI Management, LLC 360 Degree Service Offering from Cradle to Grave including Initial Assessment and ARV Comparables through Closing Cost Estimates and Forecast. Premium Member Special: Free Property Analysis and COMP Guide David Plummer
Little Pink Houses of America Assisting investors to maximize the sale of their houses while minimizing risk and cost. Premium Member Special: First and last month payment you get to keep Austin Evans
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LLC Compra y venta. Premium Member Special: 2975 47 th st sw naples florida Abdiel
new Networth Realty We find properties off and on market from MLS, wholesellers, and private sellers. Premium Member Special: Access to our nationwide inventory for free. Roman Ramirez
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New Western Wholesale, providing inventory to investors. Premium Member Special: Off-Market Discounts Alex Hujdus
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New Western Marketplace for investment properties. Premium Member Special: Free to join Coleman Kerr
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santana investment Wholesale properties to Real Estate Investors. Premium Member Special: 10% discount Arturo Olivas
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SDG LLC Coaching services for those looking to maximize their ROI while minimizing the stressors of real estate investing. Premium Member Special: 10% off coaching services for Premium Members Alan Hon
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Skies the limit I sell wholesale contracts. Premium Member Special: 125% of myself Carol Velazquez
The Great Comeback Crusade Financial Services, Mortgage/Loan Protection and Lead Generation Technology. Premium Member Special: 1 Month Free Trial of Facebook lead generation software Roman Groysman
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TheBestGroup Legal Service. Premium Member Special: Discounts Garry Best
TY Capital Provide real estate leads. Premium Member Special: nothing
United Real Estate Realtor discount avail. Premium Member Special: Cash back at close or discounted service rates, leads Kellee

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