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The 5 Best Rehab Calculators

One of the important steps in fix and flip real estate investing deals is the house rehab process. This quick-profit strategy usually involves buying property at a discount, making changes or upgrades on it, and selling it for more than invested. But as lucrative as it is, it involves much attention to detail and could…

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ARV in Real Estate: The Tips & Tricks to Boost It, Part 1

Real estate investors look at a lot of numbers, but the after-repair-value (ARV) is the number that catches the most attention. We talk a lot about the ARV in real estate, and most investors know what it is, but estimating an accurate ARV isn’t always straightforward. Knowing which improvements and additions add value to a…

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How the CARES Act Can Help You

As we continue to navigate the uncharted territories that the coronavirus crisis has created, we are dedicated to providing you with useful updates regularly.  As this blog post is being published, we expect that President Trump will sign the CARES Act into law at any moment, providing relief to millions of Americans currently impacted by…

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