The ONE trait all successful investors have [Eric’s Story]

Reading Time: 9 minutesEric has one characteristic ALL successful real estate investors have… Persistence.    He takes note of challenges, overcomes them, then brings his experience and knowledge to the next deal. Through selling real estate, Eric realized he was making a lot of money for other people. He knew his could use those same skills to make…

Hard Money 4-1-1 with Darel Daik

Reading Time: 2 minutesFounder and CEO of Noble Mortgage & Investments, Darel Daik has been in real estate lending since 1995 and has closed over $400MM in both commercial and residential transactions. These closings involved residential, multi-family, office, retail, industrial, hotels, self-storage and residential land development. Daik has provided construction, renovation, and long-term permanent financing specializing in private…


2018 Investing Forecast and All Access Q&A with Tom Berry

Reading Time: 2 minutesFor the past 10 years, Tom Berry has been successfully investing in real estate by being strategic and knowing how to predict and adjust to market trends. Whether it be fix and flips, wholesaling, or managing commercial properties, Tom has pretty much done it all. He now runs a property management company, a hard money…

Karen Did 5 Deals in ONE Year: Here’s the Strategy that Works

Reading Time: 7 minutesAre you interested in passive income? If your answer is “yes,” then you and Karen already have something in common. Although Karen has worked in and around real estate for years, she recently started her investing career. There is something she loves about finding a property and turning it into a home someone will love….