Last Chance + Important Question Answered

Today is the last day to watch the replay of the Virtual Wholesaling webinar with Cris Chico. The webinar, along with Cris’ offer, is going to be taken down at midnight TONIGHT, Central time.

I realize it’s Monday and all, but you’ve got to wake up RIGHT NOW and grab this opportunity with both hands and a butter knife. 😉

Go here to watch the webinar replay.

Cris’ virtual wholesaling system is a fantastic way to increase your real estate investing profits because it allows you to:

– Invest with zero risk
– Wholesale properties in any market, at any time, from the comfort of your own home (or from a beach in Mexico while sipping on piña coladas)
– Invest with no capital required
– Start accumulating wealth immediately, with no long-term commitment

My staff could not keep up with all the emails we received over the weekend. Many of the questions we received were about Cris’ system and how it can help investors dealing with a bad local real estate market. But a lot of the questions we’ve been answering have to do with general aspects of wholesaling and how it puts money in your pocket…

…Well, I don’t expect you to understand how beautiful and simple Cris’ system is if you don’t understand wholesaling. So I’ve decided to get back to basics. That’s why I recorded the special video below — to give you the scoop on wholesaling. If you’re in any way confused about the process, this is for you. Press play to check it out…

Having access to can make Cris’ already ‘easy-as-123′ system even easier!

That’s because you can use your membership to find Motivated Sellers. And once you get contracts on those deals, you can advertise your wholesale deals to our buyers’ list in some of the major metropolitan areas in the country. For free! It doesn’t get much better or more simple than this. It’s now up to you to take this opportunity and run with it.

The offer Cris made on the webinar also expires tonight at midnight, Central time. This means you only have a few hours left to guarantee your copy of his complete Virtual Wholesaling system (and more bonuses than you can count with one hand!) at a laughably low price. Go here to order now.

Until next time, happy (and profitable) investing!

Doug Smith

Posted on Mar 23, 2009

Author: Doug Smith

MyHouseDeals was founded in April of 2005 and has since provided information on thousands of bargain-priced properties with over $7 Billion in equity (and growing!) In addition to property lists, we help investors succeed by providing valuable tools, resources and education. Most of the properties on MyHouseDeals are single-family houses. Many of these properties are wholesale deals, which are for sale by other investors. Others are motivated seller leads, which are for sale by homeowners who are often in a bad situation. These properties are typically discounted by far greater amounts than bank foreclosures.

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