Florida Investment Properties: What’s Hot?

Calling all Floridians! Real estate investing is as lucrative of an industry as ever, and Florida is no exception. Today we are going to cover all of the bases of Florida investment properties, including what’s hot in markets such as Tampa, Miami, Orlando, and Jacksonville. We’ll even dive into market trends and future predictions so…

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Wholesale Real Estate Contracts: A Guide to Create the Best Contract

In the business of real estate investing, there’s one element that might make investors queasy: contracts. Especially for newbie investors, contracts can be new territory. They’re often lengthy, technical, and time-consuming for non-lawyers. Luckily, wholesale real estate contracts don’t have to be any of these things! In fact, the best contracts are concise and easily…

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Wholesale Real Estate: Back to Basics

Amongst the tough times that 2020 has brought, real estate has seen its ups and downs. No industry has weathered the pandemic unscathed. Despite the economic downturn, the housing market has shown more stability than most as median home prices have reached record highs and mortgage interest rates have reached record lows. However, finding the…

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Wholesale Deals Up 20% in March 2013

We’re pleased to report that we are on pace to post about 500 wholesale deals this month! In March of last year only about 420 wholesale deals had been posted. Which means that we’ve seen a 20% increase in the number of deals! The bottom line is that the wholesale market is as strong as…

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