Motivated MLS Deals

Since its inception, MyHouseDeals, at its core is a marketplace for investors to find investment properties off the beaten path at deep discounts. All of our listed properties are meant to be solid investment opportunities for our members, so investors can do what they do best: close deals and get paid. For years, we’ve offered…

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The Top Zip Codes for Investment Properties in Your Area in 2020

The numbers are out! In 2020, 34,583 investment properties were listed on MyHouseDeals throughout the country from January to December 2020.  This provides us and MyHouseDeals members with an abundance of data to determine what market areas and deal types were popular in 2020. It also allows members to plan accordingly for 2021. Below, we…

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How to Position Your Deals to Sell during the Coronavirus

There is a lot you can do as a real estate investor right now to position yourself for success, even if you are stuck at the house. Deals are still happening every day, and you’ll want to count yourself among those of us making that happen. To do that, it’s more important than ever to…

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COVID-19 Action Plan: How to Survive and Thrive

In Part I of our two-part series, we shared the top five action items that will ensure not only your survival as a real estate investor but also increase your chances of thriving during this time of crisis. They were: Say no to paralysis and inaction Call your leads Take advantage of virtual tools to…

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