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Real Estate Comps: An Investor’s Key to Success

If there’s one thing any savvy real estate investor knows that makes or breaks a deal, it’s the price of a property. A question investors often ask is “how does this price compare to other properties in the area?” Real estate comps are the key that investors use to unlock a property’s potential. Finding out…

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Investment Property Management: The Tips and Tricks

Handling investment property management seems daunting without the right tricks up your sleeve. Many investors may even give up after a few attempts because let’s face it, it can be tedious. However, a good place to start is by taking time to research and understand your market. Who are you working with? What are your…

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Real Estate Flipping: Jeff’s First Full Remodel Success Story

In our newest success story, we met with Jeff, a Premium Elite member of MyHouseDeals. He’s a part-time investor who’s been investing for about five years. For the first time in his journey, Jeff went about flipping real estate for market instead of for rental. One interesting thing that Jeff does is that he outsources…

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The Top Zip Codes for Investment Properties in Your Area in 2020

The numbers are out! In 2020, 34,583 investment properties were listed on MyHouseDeals throughout the country from January to December 2020.  This provides us and MyHouseDeals members with an abundance of data to determine what market areas and deal types were popular in 2020. It also allows members to plan accordingly for 2021. Below, we…

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Surprise, we have a new addition to the family!

Our most active — and addicted — members may have already noticed: we recently added our 16th city to the website. It’s time to welcome your newest source of leads in the Tampa Bay, Florida area! We are excited to expand to this area in response to high demand from our South Florida members. There…

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