Surprise, we have a new addition to the family!

Tampa Bay area

Our most active — and addicted — members may have already noticed: we recently added our 16th city to the website. It’s time to welcome your newest source of leads in the Tampa Bay, Florida area!

We are excited to expand to this area in response to high demand from our South Florida members. There are just a few deals there right now, but they are piling up at a promising rate. And don’t forget…

You can help us grow! We are in need of nearby wholesale deals, venders, private money lenders, cash buyers, and more. If you have any investor friends around the Tampa Bay area make sure to pass this link along to them:

In addition to its top rated beaches this area of Florida is also home to some of the biggest names in the creative real estate investing arena. You may recognize a few of these guys:

Preston Ely, Pete the Ninja, Nathan Jurewicz, Mike Collins, Drew Downs, Chris McLaughlin, Andrew Massaro, Kenny Rushing, Dolmar Cross, Patton Gibson, Bolmar Cross, Jim Stevens, Keith Gains, and more.

If you are not familar with Tampa and the surrounding cities, here are a few fun facts: there are 115 bridges, 35 miles of beaches, 52 golf courses, 623 tennis courts, it’s the largest open-water estuary in Florida, and for the movie buffs out there, it is also where Edward Scissorhands was filmed.

Of course, you are probably most interested in the great new leads we are rounding up in the area!

Happy and Profitable Investing!


Posted on Mar 6, 2012

Author: Alex Farris Soares

Alex is President of MyHouseDeals. Since 2006, he’s worked with real estate investors to bring them the marketing services and training they need to elevate their businesses and reach their goals. Alex is an avid customer advocate, enjoys affecting change in the REI and digital marketing industries, and promotes the values of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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