Ever Heard of Private Lending?

Yesterday I asked what you’d do if I gave you a million dollars. I’m so happy that so many of you left your answer, and I have to say that I am impressed… Now I bet you can’t wait to turn those fantasies into reality – because you know that it’s just a matter of time until they become your REALITY.

I’d like to share some of the most creative ways to spend that million…

James says:

“I would build a half-way house for the homeless to transition themselves back into productive citizens.”

Wow, that’s amazing. Way to think about others, James.

Frank said he’d:

“Take my wife and son on vacation. We would spend a week on a luxury private yacht cruising the French Riviera. After that a week in Paris. Then spend a week in a castle in the wine country of Tuscany. Another week in a 1,000 year old castle in the Irish country side before heading off to Africa for a week long safari on the plains of the Serengeti. The next week would be in China with a trip to the Great Wall. A week in SE Asia taking in some of the local culture would then be followed up by a final week of private yacht charter cruising the islands of the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia.”

Okay Frank, you’re officially hired as my vacation planner!

Sonia said:

“With my first million I would buy a good hand full of fixer uppers and flip them and with the profit invest in more and buy my first home for my family and I. Now that sounds like a plan!”

That’s smart thinking!

Do you believe you can get the million dollars? I know it’s a lot of money, but it’s not THAT much. In fact, a million dollars is not what it once was. It’s a very realistic and ATTAINABLE goal. Have you noticed how there has been a paradigm shift recently? Now instead of millions, we talk about billions. But let’s focus on the million for now.

You and I both know that a profitable real estate investing career is the key to getting where you want to be. Before you have one million dollars to spend on yourself, you have to have millions for your business. But you may be stuck at finding those millions for your investing business like I once was.

That’s why I’ve decided to take some time off from enjoying my paradise beach vacation to put together an EMERGENCY PRIVATE LENDING WEBINAR this Thursday.

Private lenders can give you an unlimited amount of money to finance your business – more important now than ever! – so you can finally say goodbye, once and for all, to those hard-to-get bank loans. Imagine how you could explode your investing business if you never had to go to a bank again!

My special guest will show you HOW to get access to all the money that you’ll ever need to fund your real estate deals, no matter your level of experience. I wouldn’t be taking time off from my vacation in Thailand to do this webinar if I didn’t think this information had the power to REVOLUTIONIZE your life. It’s that important!

Be on the lookout for an email from me around 11:00AM tomorrow (maybe a little earlier) with the link to register for the webinar. As always, registration is free but limited. Do yourself a favor and register IMMEDIATELY. You don’t want to miss it.

Until you receive my special EMERGENCY PRIVATE LENDING WEBINAR invitation tomorrow, keep checking here for new ideas on how to spend your million dollars. I’m heading back out to the beach now, I’ll be thinking of you stuck in your J-O-B…


Posted on Apr 28, 2009

Author: Doug Smith

MyHouseDeals was founded in April of 2005 and has since provided information on thousands of bargain-priced properties with over $7 Billion in equity (and growing!) In addition to property lists, we help investors succeed by providing valuable tools, resources and education. Most of the properties on MyHouseDeals are single-family houses. Many of these properties are wholesale deals, which are for sale by other investors. Others are motivated seller leads, which are for sale by homeowners who are often in a bad situation. These properties are typically discounted by far greater amounts than bank foreclosures.

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