A mid-year report card. Did we make the grade?

Hello fellow investor!

How is your real estate investing going so far in 2012? Back at New Years we encouraged you to goals for your investing and then stay focused on achieving them. A couple question you may want to ask yourself are:

– How much have you invested in your investment education this year to stay on top of current trends?

– How much time have you spent networking with others in the industry to grow your resource group?

– How many properties and leads have you followed-up on and actually visited?

– How much advertising and marketing have you done for yourself?

– What goals set that have you accomplished? And, what will you do to complete them by the end of the year?

If you have made great progress, congratulations! If not, that is okay too. Just pick a starting point and focus, focus, focus!

We apply the same principles to MyHouseDeals.com. Every so often we take a good, hard look at how we are currently doing this year versus last year. Well, we are happy to announce that so far in 2012 things are looking up!…

Seller Leads
Jan 1 – May 31, 2011 1,816 461 2,277 $153,537,084
Jan 1 – May 31, 2012 2,161 641 2,802 $156,742,082
Increase: +19% +39% +23% +2%

We’ll keep working hard to achieve our goals, and you keep working hard to achieve yours, and we’ll both enjoy continued success!

To increase your odds of success, upgrade to a Premium membership, which gives you access to all deals 14 days early, plus private lenders, cash buyers, local vendors, and much more!

Until next time, happy (and profitable) investing!

Team MyHouseDeals.com

Posted on Jun 14, 2012

Author: Alex Farris Soares

Alex is President of MyHouseDeals. Since 2006, he’s worked with real estate investors to bring them the marketing services and training they need to elevate their businesses and reach their goals. Alex is an avid customer advocate, enjoys affecting change in the REI and digital marketing industries, and promotes the values of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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