Doug Takes a Beating

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So I’m writing you this email because as you can see, Doug has been rendered incapacitated. That’s right, I beat him up for YOU!

Doug wanted to offer you another discount if you upgraded to a Premium membership. So far, so good… The problem? He wanted to give you a measly 15% off the regular membership price. Well, I thought we could do way better than that. It’s the beginning of the year and I wanted to make sure you had a darn good reason to upgrade to Premium and get access to more deals, not to metion all the benefits that come with the Premium account.

So I had to beat that discount out of him!

This means that while Doug recovers, I’m in control! And I’m offering you a 30% discount off your Premium membership. We haven’t done this before, and I may get in trouble for it, but you know what? I got my stick to keep me safe. That is, until Doug gets back to power fully recovered, takes away my stick, and I go back to being the usual wimp that I am.

And I can guarantee that Doug will not be happy about the 30% discount I’m giving you and that it definitely won’t last long, so be sure to follow the link below RIGHT NOW to secure it while I have Doug under submission…

Upgrade to Premium Now.

Ahhh!… Feels good to be brave!

You can thank me later!

Business Manager

P.S. You don’t want to make me angry, or Doug may suffer some more. Claim your 30% when you upgrade to Premium here. Not sure if you’re ready to upgrade? Let me make this easier for you… just go here to check out all the bonuses and benefits you’ll be getting with your upgrade. They’re just too good to miss out on.

P.P.S. Time is of the essence, so upgrade right now. If the link doesn’t work when you click on it, it means the discount is gone, I’ve been removed from power, and probably got demoted to cleaning toilets at the office. Save me! Grrrrrrrr….