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Mark Does NOT Think Real Estate Investing Is Sexy: Here’s Why

Reading Time: 8 minutesFor Mark, real estate investing is really just about math. He hasn’t fallen for the “sexiness” of real estate investing. If the numbers work, he goes for it. If they don’t, he moves on to another deal. Mark has built houses for the past 14 years and this experience is likely his greatest asset as…

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Sonia has ONE Non-Negotiable for Investing (You’ll Never Guess It)

Reading Time: 8 minutesWe all can learn a lesson or two from Sonia… She is a new investor who self-educates, uses her resources effectively, and manages her time wisely. Sonia and her husband are investing in real estate now to create a secure retirement in the future. For now, Sonia focuses on building her real estate investing business…

Karen Did 5 Deals in ONE Year: Here’s the Strategy that Works

Reading Time: 6 minutesAre you interested in passive income? If your answer is “yes,” then you and Karen already have something in common. Although Karen has worked in and around real estate for years, she recently started her investing career. There is something she loves about finding a property and turning it into a home someone will love….

Want an Extra $900 a Month in Cash Flow? [Michael’s Story]

Reading Time: 6 minutesMichael bought his first property several years ago for $16,000. Since it’s already paid off, he pockets about $900 every month from that rental income! This Atlanta investment property deal sparked his real estate business and he’s only grown it since then. Michael can’t emphasize enough how important it is to verify the numbers when…