Salomon banks up to $3,000 a month from ONE rental property

Reading Time: 6 minutesSalomon made a choice most investors don’t even consider… He decided to invest where the people are… So he started to invest in long-term rentals in a college town. Salomon knew that students will always be looking for places to live, so finding tenants wouldn’t be a problem. Sounds impressive for newbie investor, right? Salomon…

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How a Hamburger Made Mike a Successful Real Estate Investor

Reading Time: 8 minutesYou’ll never believe this! Up until Mike became a real estate investor, he NEVER had a three day weekend. Mike worked in the grocery business for 40 years…always working on holidays and never having the time for weekend trips. He hit a wall. He was sick and tired of the corporate environment and his lifestyle….

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Mark Does NOT Think Real Estate Investing Is Sexy: Here’s Why

Reading Time: 8 minutesFor Mark, real estate investing is really just about math. He hasn’t fallen for the “sexiness” of real estate investing. If the numbers work, he goes for it. If they don’t, he moves on to another deal. Mark has built houses for the past 14 years and this experience is likely his greatest asset as…