The One Rule Robert Uses When Buying a Rental Investment Property

Robert knows what he wants and he’s not afraid to go after it when it comes to Fort Worth investment property. He recently got into business with his son (who’s a wholesaler) and started checking MyHouseDeals everyday for deals. Robert focuses on rental properties and looks for deals that fall within the 1% range (what the property will…


Jeff is On His 5th Deal in Six Months!

When this property showed up in Jeff’s inbox, he knew it was a “killer deal.” Since the Houston investment property was in his neighborhood, he was familiar with property and rent prices. He knew right away there was a lot of equity in the deal. Jeff ran the numbers and had them verified by two external sources….


Driving for Dollars 101: Tips from 5 Investing Experts

Some investors are all talk and no action. They’ve read all of the books and attended all the seminars, but they don’t take any action. You can set yourself apart with one simple strategy: Driving for Dollars. No, you aren’t driving around picking up money. You are driving through neighborhoods actually looking at properties that may…


This New Real Estate Investor Seeks More Control Over His Own Time

For Lloyd, real estate investing represents more control over his time and more time with his family. He is an engineer by trade and has spent the last couple years educating himself about real estate investing strategies with Houston investment property. After a weekend seminar, when his wife officially got “on-board”, they jumped into their first…