Local Real Estate Investor Meetings in January 2020

Networking is a real estate investor’s key to success! Through real estate investor meetings, you learn about deals, financing options, and often you can even find your next deal. Check out these local real estate investor meetings for January in our top markets and start meeting other investors in your area… What meetings did we miss?…

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Garden Improvements

5 Garden Improvements to Increase the Value of Your Rental Property

A decent rental rate is not enough to attract high-quality tenants. As far as market trends go, changing the landscape is right up there with energy efficiency. Garden improvements allow property investors to maximize their tenants’ entertainment and living area in a cost-efficient manner that delivers great ROI. But, if you are not careful, you’ll…

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Private Lender Broker

How To Become A Private Lender Broker [FB Live AMA: Lee Arnold]

Are you looking to invest in more flips and find additional avenues to make income as an investor? In this Ask-Me-Anything we discussed the pathway to becoming an independent private lender broker with our special guest…Lee Arnold! Regardless of where you are in your investing career, Lee has been there. In his early 20s, he…

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