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Investment Mindsets, Strategies, and Market Updates: The Five

As the Fourth of July holiday comes to a close, we hope that you enjoyed some quality time with friends and family. With summer temperatures continuing to creep up, the housing market is similarly white-hot. Investment mindsets and strategies are of the utmost importance right now. Indicators were seen pre-pandemic that only got amplified when…

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Real Estate Comps: An Investor’s Key to Success

If there’s one thing any savvy real estate investor knows that makes or breaks a deal, it’s the price of a property. A question investors often ask is “how does this price compare to other properties in the area?” Real estate comps are the key that investors use to unlock a property’s potential. Finding out…

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A Fix and Flip Journey: Jeremy Hicks’ Success Story

In our most recent success story, Houstonian Jeremy Hicks recounts how MyHouseDeals was able to help him transform a once battered and beaten old home into an impressive fix and flip project. While he had taken on some small DIY projects in the past, this was Jeremy’s first time attempting to flip a property from…

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