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International Investor Finds Success in the US: Santosh’s Success Story

This international investor cash flow deal will really get you excited about investing! We’re speaking with one of our successful Premium Elite members of MyHouseDeals, Santhosh Kundoor. Santhosh’s story is a testament to an international investor cash flow deal. He had several investment properties in his home country of India. Today, he will share his…

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Fix and Flip Triumph: Luis’s Success Story

In our latest success story, we sit down with Luis, an experienced investor making his seventh fix and flip deal! Luis has been a part-time investor who has had quite the journey. Today, we’ll hear about his most recent fix and flip in Beaumont, Texas, a single-family home that he and his wife beautifully renovated….

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Real Estate Flipping: Jeff’s First Full Remodel Success Story

In our newest success story, we met with Jeff, a Premium Elite member of MyHouseDeals. He’s a part-time investor who’s been investing for about five years. For the first time in his journey, Jeff went about flipping real estate for market instead of for rental. One interesting thing that Jeff does is that he outsources…

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How to Invest in a Rental Property: Jarrod’s Story

We sat down with Jarrod, a part-time investor in Austin, Texas for our latest success story. He found his first MyHouseDeals deal not too long after becoming a Premium Elite member. We talk about how to invest in a rental property, and how that differs from getting one ready for the market. He also details…

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Erick just finished his first deal using!

Premium Elite member Erick Harbert just grabbed his first deal using and made $35K! Head over to our success stories page to learn: How Erick was able to find quality deals when other avenues were producing ZERO results. How Erick was able to get his purchase price down $5,000.00 below the initial listed price….

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James now has a cashflow apartment complex and is making $$$!

Premium Elite member James Lee stands to make $2,000/mo in rental profits! Head over to our success stories page to learn: How James was able to successfully build up his real estate education. How to determine rent ranges when purchasing multi-unit properites. Learn about the pros and cons flipping vs. buying and holding properties as…

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Mike just did his 1st deal using!

Premium Elite member Mike Burtzlaff just expects $33k in profits, head over to our success stories page to learn: What to look for when searching for deals and what issues to stay away from Why it is important to make sure that properties are priced correctly How Mike financed his purchase, and why he plans…

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Tom & Elizabeth switched from stocks to real estate! Find out why!

Premium Elite members Tom & Elizabeth Rutowski just wholesaled a deal for a quick $4k in profits, head over to our success stories page to learn: How to independently build a solid real estate education. The challenges associated with RE Investing & how to overcome them. Why it can be helpful, especially as a newbie,…

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Michael made a quick $55k on his latest deal!

Michael made a quick $55k on his latest deal! Head over to our success stories page to check it out! Click here to listen to the Michael Austin interview! NOTE: Since Michael is a Premium Elite member, he received a FULL refund of his up-front membership fee for simply doing a deal! Find out more…

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