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Investment Property Management: The Tips and Tricks

Handling investment property management seems daunting without the right tricks up your sleeve. Many investors may even give up after a few attempts because let’s face it, it can be tedious. However, a good place to start is by taking time to research and understand your market. Who are you working with? What are your…

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Extended Moratorium, American Families Plan, and More: The Five

Summer is right around the corner and developments in the real estate world are heating up. President Biden’s proposed American Families Plan, while focusing on education and families, implicates investors due to the tax implications that will be used to fund the programs. Even though much progress has been made in containing the pandemic in…

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Unaffordable Home Prices, Investing Tax Benefits, and More: The Five

As we approach Memorial Day weekend, 2021’s trends that we have covered in depth are still staying strong. The seller’s market has led renters to renew their leases as the average sales price of homes has increased. There are unaffordable home prices for prospective homeowners who do not meet a certain income threshold—one that continues…

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Real Estate Flipping: Jeff’s First Full Remodel Success Story

In our newest success story, we met with Jeff, a Premium Elite member of MyHouseDeals. He’s a part-time investor who’s been investing for about five years. For the first time in his journey, Jeff went about flipping real estate for market instead of for rental. One interesting thing that Jeff does is that he outsources…

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Millennial Real Estate, and More COVID-19 Relief Updates: The Five

Millennial real estate is taking off as members of the generation continue to get older. Their interest in owning homes is increasing. And every prospective homeowner needs to know the tax implications (and potential tax advantages) of their purchases. The American Rescue Plan allocated funds for landlords and renters who have been impacted by the…

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