The Best Way to Reach Sellers…

A sample from a string of comments recently posted about a property and a great way to grab the seller's attention.
A sample from a string of comments recently posted about a property. This buyer effectively used comments to really grab the seller's attention and put the wheels in motion to close the deal.

… and ask about those pesky ARVs and repair estimates.

As you may already know, you can now leave comments and questions about properties you find on the website.

We were really excited to enable this commenting tool earlier this month because it makes obtaining information about a deal you like and following-up with the seller that much easier.

It’s often the case that a question from an investor is the same question twenty other investors have. We also know that numbers such as ARV, equity, and repair estimates are somewhat subjective and vary slightly from investor to investor, depending on the strategy they choose to apply to that deal. So by participating in a public discussion about a proprety you end up contributing to the accuracy of that deal. This is good for everyone!

I encourage you to use that space to discuss specifics about a deal, such as ARV, repairs, and asking price.

Don’t agree with an ARV estimate? Request comps and more information from the seller about how they arrived on that number.

Feel like estimated cost of repairs doesn’t match up with the repairs description? Ask for an itemized list of the repair items or contractor’s bid.

Think the asking price is too high? Express your opinion and start bargaining with the seller.

Found a deal that’s exactly what you’re looking for? Let the seller know and start negotiating immediately.

Your questions and comments will be instantly published on the details page for the property and the seller will be immediately alerted. This will allow for a quick reply and a conversation about that deal to begin.

If you haven’t yet tried this feature, log-in to your account and access any of the hundreds of properties we currently have available.You can use the box at the bottom of each property details page to leave your comment. Simple as that!

Many of you are already taking advantage of this new networking channel, and we want to know what you think of it. Tell us how commenting deals has been helpful to you, what you like about it, what you don’t, and what suggestions you may have to help us perfect it. Just leave a comment (HA!) below to share your feedback with us.

Happy (and profitable) investing!

— Doug and the MyHouseDeals Team

Posted on Feb 10, 2010

Author: Doug Smith

MyHouseDeals was founded in April of 2005 and has since provided information on thousands of bargain-priced properties with over $7 Billion in equity (and growing!) In addition to property lists, we help investors succeed by providing valuable tools, resources and education. Most of the properties on MyHouseDeals are single-family houses. Many of these properties are wholesale deals, which are for sale by other investors. Others are motivated seller leads, which are for sale by homeowners who are often in a bad situation. These properties are typically discounted by far greater amounts than bank foreclosures.

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