Cost of Gas, Food, and more is Up! What to do?

Hello again fellow investor!

Several months ago, I swore off the mainstream media for good because I was sick and tired of their negative slant. I finally had enough. But I have a confession to make. Lately, I’ve found myself consuming prices.jpgtheir garbage once again. But NOT for the reason that you might suspect, which is to stay updated on current events. Instead, I read it so that I’ll know what YOU’RE reading!

And boy! I have to be honest. You’ve been reading 10% quality content and 90% pure crap! And in that 90%, you’ve recently seen dozens of articles that address the rising price of gas, food, education, and more. And that news is OK. Prices are rising. That’s a fact.

But here’s where those articles go wrong. Most of them conclude by giving you tips on how to handle these rising costs. And all of these tips revolve around one theme: HOW TO SAVE MONEY BY SPENDING LESS.

But guess what? Here’s the real news flash! The way to tackle these rising costs is NOT by budgeting, scaling back and saving money here and there. Doing those things reduces your quality of life. And my goal is to constantly INCREASE my quality of life. And yours should be too!

The real problem is this: You’re not making enough money! If you were, these rising costs would be INSIGNIFICANT. In short, these rising costs are NOT an EXPENSE problem. They are an INCOME problem!

Shockingly, none of the articles I’ve read allude to this fact. Most of the writers seem to think that all Americans are on (and will continue to be on) a fixed income. But the reality is, if your income is fixed, it’s only because YOU have allowed it to be. We live in a country with more opportunity to build wealth than any other place in the world. And you, YES YOU, have UNLIMITED income potential. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

And the secrets to earning enormous amounts of income are NOT locked up in some secret vault that only a small, exclusive set of Americans can access. No, these secrets are often made available by the very people who have obtained an enormous amount of wealth and income streams for themselves. Many of them are real estate investing trainers.

So next time you’re on a webinar or at a live event, and a product is offered, ask yourself, “Has this person used the tools and advice in this system to obtain wealth and prosperity? Do I feel comfortable working this person? Is this what I want to do?” If so, BUY the darn system, implement it, and bust yourself out of a fixed income/budgeting mindset!

And after you’ve achieved financial freedom, you too can laugh at all of these “financial gurus” who want to put you on a budget. Don’t save a nickel here and a dime there. Get out there and earn thousands, even millions, and spend as you darn well please.

Until next time, happy (and profitable) investing!

Doug Smith

Posted on Jul 16, 2008

Author: Doug Smith

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