Happy Festivus!

In case you didn’t know, we’re HUGE Seinfeld fans here at MyHouseDeals. I don’t think there’s an episode I haven’t seen at least five times. And if it weren’t for my sometimes unreliable memory, I’m sure I’d be able to quote just about every line.

My favorite episode was the one with the infamous Soup Nazi, but my second favorite was the one where George’s father reinstated his made-up holiday called “Festivus.” If you’re a die-hard fan like I am, I’m sure you loved it too.

Festivus includes many “traditions,” but the most popular ones would have to be the feat of strengths, airing of grievances, Festivus dinner, Festivus miracles, and who could forget, the Festivus pole!

To learn more about the Festivus story, click on Play below…

[youtube dS7-jcsB_WQ nolink]

So before we celebrate Christmas this year, we’ve decided to celebrate the time-honored traditions of Festivus. And we’re having the time of our lives here at MyHouseDeals as we dive deep into the world of made-up holidays. Click on the image below to watch our celebration video!…

So happy Festivus to you and your loved ones! May your grievances be aired fully and your pole be danced around merrily!


P.S. Do you have your own Festivus traditions you use to celebrate this most meaningful holiday? Please share them with a comment below and let’s together make this year’s Festivus the best one of all! As a thank you for your comment, we’ll make a donation in your name to “The Human Fund.”

Posted on Dec 17, 2009

Author: Doug Smith

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