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How Jarrod Plans to Retire in 5 Years

Jarrod is just like us… He only has 24 hours in a day. Jarrod decided to stop trading time for money and instead started making his money work for him. Real estate investing has always interested Jarrod and he knew it was his path to freedom. He started attending local meetings and networking with other…

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Top 10 Success Stories of 2017

Over the past year we’ve shared a variety of Success Stories from members of MyHouseDeals who did a deal and shared their experiences. Each investor has a unique story and it’s incredible to see how they handled their challenges to ultimately become successful. Their stories are a valuable tool for other investors to see what…

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Just Copy Serge’s Strategy to Create Passive Cash Flow

According to Serge, you’re either working for someone else or working for yourself… Which means you’re making money for someone else or you’re making it for yourself. He wanted to work for himself and create passive cash flow. Sound familiar? Serge read the books, did the research, and attended the local real estate investing meetings…and…

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2018 Investing Forecast and All Access Q&A with Tom Berry

For the past 10 years, Tom Berry has been successfully investing in real estate by being strategic and knowing how to predict and adjust to market trends. Whether it be fix and flips, wholesaling, or managing commercial properties, Tom has pretty much done it all. He now runs a property management company, a hard money…

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