An image of a person holding a gavel. Tax lien and tax deeds go to auction

Tax Lien Certificate vs. Tax Deed: The Key Differences

Sometimes property owners just can’t keep up. Whatever the reason, their property taxes don’t get paid. The municipality the property resides in needs these funds. So the government turns to investors in one of two ways: a tax lien certificate or a tax deed. Whether investors get a tax lien vs. tax deed depends on…

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Real Estate Articles to Share: The Five

In order to keep members of our tribe up-to-date on current trends and updates in the real estate world, we’ve compiled key developments from reputable sources. These will be biweekly updates to keep you informed and keep your investing toolkit sharp. Be sure to follow our blog so you don’t miss an update. Without further…

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Local Real Estate Investor Meetings in March 2021

Networking is a real estate investor’s key to success! Through real estate investor meetings, you learn about deals, financing options, and often you can even find your next deal. Check out these local real estate investor meetings for March in our top markets and start meeting other investors in your area. What meetings did we miss?…

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An image of a man with his hand extended, with a few folded up bills in it

Private Money Lenders: The Definitive Guide

Being in the real estate investing business takes effort. Whether you’re greener than green brand-new, or a seasoned, savvy investor, money is a requirement. Having the capital to invest in a property isn’t always easy to come by yourself. That’s where private money lenders come in handy. Private lenders for real estate can be anywhere,…

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Motivated MLS Deals

Since its inception, MyHouseDeals, at its core is a marketplace for investors to find investment properties off the beaten path at deep discounts. All of our listed properties are meant to be solid investment opportunities for our members, so investors can do what they do best: close deals and get paid. For years, we’ve offered…

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