About Mike Warren

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Mike Warren


Mike Warren is a nationally known author, investor and instructor in the areas of collecting on real estate judgments and liens and making money with loan modifications and short sales. Mike holds a double MBA and is President of a diversified real estate consulting firm. TV and radio show hosts call Mike America’s Real Estate Assassin because of his laser focus and his ability to get deals done.

Mike started in the business of collecting judgments and liens over 22 years ago when he was presented with the opportunity to buy someone else’s judgment for $1,000. What resulted would forever change his financial future. He ultimately was able to collect on the judgment within a few months making an astounding $7,500 profit without the assistance of an attorney! Since then, he has bought and sold hundreds of properties that required little or none of his own money. Mike is a sought-after speaker who teaches people how to make $2,000 – $7,000 per month in additional income without spending any money and without ever leaving their house.

Mike teaches only what he has personally accomplished and has taught people all over America how to make consistent profits using his innovative, creative, and proven techniques. Mike has appeared on television, has contributed articles in numerous real estate and related publications and speaks nationally and internationally on a regular basis to small and large groups.

Mike is taking time out of his busy schedule to have a webinar about Judgment Liens with Doug on Tuesday, February 10th at 7PM Central Time… if you haven’t registered yet, click here to reserve a spot!