Investment Properties Await You in New York

Are you aware of the most lucrative investment strategy today? It’s real estate investment property, and you might be surprised at how easy it is to find and buy cheap investment property. All it takes is a little knowledge of what investment properties are available, and how to go about finding them.

There are two main ways to profit from buying investment property. The first is to buy residential investment property, make repairs and cosmetic changes, and turn around and resell the home, usually at a substantial profit. This has traditionally been called rehabbing, but more and more you’ll hear it referred to as flipping. When you buy investment property with the intention to flip it, you can often make $10,000 or more in your first month alone. It’s easy to see why investment property sales are an appealing option for many people!

The second way to build wealth through income properties is to buy with an eye toward the long term. Your real estate becomes investment properties you hang onto for long-term, consistent cash flow. This is an excellent strategy for building long-term wealth.

Which method of buying investment property is best? Many experts recommend a combination of the two. Buy cheap investment property with the intent to fix it up and resale it, and also invest in income properties for the long haul.

What kinds of income properties are available? Investment properties for sale generally fall into two groups, either distressed or foreclosed. Let’s look at distressed investment property first. Generally, these houses are selling below market value in “as is” condition. This kind of real estate investment property can be a good deal, because it may need only minor repairs and some cosmetic changes and upgrades. Then you can turn around and resell it at a good profit. You will find these properties for sale by other investors in our wholesale deals list.

The other kinds of investment properties that you’ll find for sale are pre-foreclosures. These are homes whose owners have defaulted on their mortgage payments and are now being repossessed by the bank or sold at a HUD auction. You can understand why we call them motivated sellers!

Wondering how you can get started in property investment in New York? Here’s a tip: often it only takes finding one cheap investment property to jump start your real estate success. Find one inexpensive residential property income, flip it for a good profit, and you are on your way! After a few more investment property sales, you may be ready to start looking for income properties.

Sounds good? It’s a great way to earn income. But be aware that much of your success in investment properties is going to lie in finding the right ones. How to do that? Let us help. At we provide listings of income properties that are great opportunities for profit. We list wholesale deals and pre-foreclosures, or motivated seller leads of homeowners who are eager to sell quickly and cheaply before the bank repossesses their home.

Our listings of pre-foreclosures and wholesale properties provide up to the minute information, which is delivered to you daily. It’s a great tool for finding New York investment properties and it’ll give you a huge leg up on the competition.

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