Jump Ahead of the Competition for New York Pre-Foreclosures

Many New York real estate investors are looking for hard-to-find deals on bargain properties. Look no further. At www.myhousedeals.com we’ve gathered the information on pre-foreclosures for you. Here’s a look at the pre-foreclosure market and how we can help you with it:

If you’re interested in getting into the New York real estate market, we can help you find the best opportunities for bargain-priced properties.

We offer listings on the best New York real estate deals to allow you to get the most bang for your buck.

The best deals are not foreclosures, HUD or MLS properties. These types of properties are over-priced and over-shopped. Everywhere you turn these days, there’s someone talking about the benefits of investing in real estate. Most of these experts recommend foreclosures HUD and MLS properties.

Most real estate investors are all using the same tools to look for bargain-priced properties. They focus on foreclosure, HUD and MLS lists.

It’s difficult to find a good price for a home on a foreclosure list or foreclosure auction. These properties are in high demand as more and more investors enter the real estate market. High demand drives prices up.

The best way to get the price you need in order to turn a profit on a property is to find and buy the home before it goes public. Once a property gets on the foreclosure list, the price is going to go up because demand is high.

The smart New York real estate investor knows to look beyond foreclosure lists for real estate values.

Our listings focus on pre-foreclosure homes, which are sometimes called motivated seller leads. These are houses that belong to owners who have defaulted on their mortgage payments. They want to sell their property before the bank repossesses it.

Pre-foreclosure property owners want to sell their house fast and so they offer bargain prices. They are highly motivated and eager to work with you!

It would take up much of your valuable time to research these opportunities yourself. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time actually buying the pre-foreclosure properties than searching them out?

We can help you find the New York real estate listings you need to fetch the profits that you want. Why bother with outdated lists? Why compete with dozens or hundreds of others, all vying for the same foreclosure properties?

Our listings are updated daily and presented in user friendly formats. They are also detailed and include everything you need to know to successfully locate and buy pre-foreclosure houses.

Listings include property location and seller information, information on the home’s potential value, mortgage balance, and the description and cost of repairs.

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