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The one rule Robert uses when choosing a rental property to buy

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Investor: Robert Kornegay

Listen as Robert reveals:

  • How using a property management company pays for itself
  • How to use the 1% rule for rental properties
  • The best financing option to avoid paying fees

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Published On: October 21, 2016
Membership: Premium Elite
Deal Overview:
After Repaired Value: $140,000
minus Purchase Price: $92,000
minus Cost of Repairs: $32,000
equals Potential Equity: $16,000
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Not All Sources for Investment Property Are Created Equal

Image of investment property

There are several different places where you can find investment property, and each source has its positives and negatives. The tough part is deciding which of these sources for investment properties will be right for you and your real estate investment goals.

Foreclosures Aren't Typically the Best Investment Property

Foreclosures were incredibly popular amongst investors for a number of years because they were considered to be an easy way to start investing in real estate. However, they are now out of favor with experienced investors because competition has driven up prices for these investment properties. While foreclosures are often available at a discount, that discount usually isn't a large enough for an investor who seeks to make a profit.

So Where Do I Find A Good Investment Property?

Wholesale properties and motivated sellers leads (also known as pre-foreclosures) are the types of investment properties most likely to be profitable for investors today, and you'll find plenty of them on We focus on providing these properties because they are often available at bigger discounts than you'll find with MLS or foreclosure properties. Many wholesale properties and motivated sellers properties are for sale at 20%-50% off retail.

What is Wholesale Investment Property?

Wholesale properties are investment properties that are sold by other investors. The sellers are typically looking to make quick cash by selling you a fixer upper "as is." You can often make the larger profit by buying, repairing, and reselling or renting the property. This type of property is not available on the MLS or other public sources.

What are Pre-Foreclosures and Motivated Sellers?

Motivated sellers (pre-foreclosures) can also make for prime investment property. Like wholesale properties, these properties typically aren't listed on the MLS. Instead of reaching out to a Realtor, these sellers want to work with directly with a buyer who can buy quickly, and that type of buyer is often an investor. If a deal is made, the motivated seller benefits by getting out from under their mortgage. The investor benefits by picking up an investment property at a significant discount.

Unlock the Investing Secret Savvy Investors Already Know!

The pre-foreclosures and wholesale properties on this website provide tremendous profit potential for real estate investors. Sign-up for a free account now to gain immediate access to these investment properties, and grab your first or next big profit deal before someone else does!