Finding Wholesale Properties in Chicago Just Got Easier

If you are new to the field of real estate investing, you may be unfamiliar with the wholesale property market. Perhaps you’ve been focusing your attention on snagging a bargain-priced foreclosure property, or pouring over the HUD and MLS listings. But did you know that there is another area that you should be investigating for real estate deals?

That area is the wholesale property market.  Don’t get confused by the term, wholesale properties are very different from the idea of wholesaling that you probably have in mind. Traditional wholesaling refers to buying items in bulk and turning around and selling them at retail prices. But buying wholesale properties is quite different. Here’s how it works:

Wholesale property is real estate owned by investors. Often an investor will commit earnest money to a project, then turn around and find another buyer to buy the property from the original seller at a slightly higher price. Since seasoned investors are very good at finding bargain priced real estate, you can start to see how wholesale properties work well for all involved. The pros know how to find the best wholesale properties for sale, and other investors know to snap up these deals.

Here’s another way the market works: an investor will buy properties wholesale and act as a middleman to broker the deal. In other words, you tell the investor your criteria for a property; he finds it and seals the deal for an assignment fee. Those who deal in wholesale properties do this because they prefer not to have to deal with the hassle of rehabbing a home before reselling it.

After learning a little bit about what it takes for wholesale purchases real estate properties for investors, you may be very interested in getting in on this real estate investing action. How does one buy properties wholesale? How does one go about finding wholesale properties for sale?

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