Finding Chicago Foreclosure Properties Before They Reach the Market

If you are searching for the best deals in bargain-priced Chicago real estate property, take a look at the following frequently asked questions for answers. Remember—other Chicago investors do not want you to know about these properties. Here’s why:

What is the key to success in real estate investing?

Common real estate investing wisdom will tell you the way to riches is through foreclosures. TV and internet programs are hyping the real estate market as a get rich quick opportunity. Experts are teaching workshops on buying foreclosure homes all over the country. But because of this, the market has experienced a huge increase in the number of investors. Many of these investors are focusing on the same real estate opportunities—foreclosures, HUD, and MLS properties. Consequently, the prices for these homes and properties have risen. Higher prices mean lower profit for you. The savvy Chicago real estate investor is looking toward pre-foreclosure properties.

What are pre-foreclosures?

We like to call pre-foreclosures motivated seller leads. Pre-foreclosure properties belong to owners who have defaulted on their mortgage payments. They know they are in danger of going on the foreclosure list and they want to sell their pre-foreclosures before that happens. These pre-foreclosure homes are for sale by highly motivated property owners. They want to sell before their property gets to a foreclosure auction, and they want to sell fast.

Why are pre-foreclosures good investments?

Pre-foreclosure properties are among the best deals for Chicago real estate investors because you can get them cheap. Let’s face it, once a house has gone into foreclosure, the bank will put it up for auction and charge too much money for it. The real deals are inked before this point. The key to finding Chicago foreclosure houses that will net you the profit you desire is getting a property that is under priced with few repairs. Not such a difficult task you say? What about all those other investors who are looking for the exact same property? Once you find the perfect property, you’ll be competing with up to hundreds of other investors for it.  The best advice is to forget about the foreclosure list and the foreclosure auction and focus on pre-foreclosure homes.

What’s the best way to find pre-foreclosure houses?

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What information do your listings include?

Our listings are updated daily and delivered to your computer screen in a user friendly format. The listings include property location and seller information, as well as other important details such as potential value, repair costs and descriptions, and mortgage balance.

Who are you?

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I’m sold! How do I get started with investing in pre-foreclosure properties?

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