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Are you interested in getting in on some of the large profits to be made in real estate investing?  If so, you may have heard a lot of talk about buying foreclosure homes. But the savvy Boston real estate investor is looking elsewhere for big profits. Some of the best deals to be made today are in pre-foreclosure homes and pre-foreclosure properties.  Finding and investing in Boston pre-foreclosures can put you on the path to real estate success, and our listings are the best source for pre-foreclosure houses and pre-foreclosure properties. We specialize in bringing you information on the most profitable deals.

Foreclosure properties have traditionally been a popular choice among Boston real estate investors, but with recent changes in the market, your best option for deals is going to lie elsewhere. Pre-foreclosures are sometimes called motivated seller leads. A pre-foreclosure is the period between the time when a lender has notified the seller that his house is going into foreclosure for defaulting on mortgage payments and when his house is in the foreclosure auction. Because the Boston homeowner hoping to avoid foreclosure is usually desperate to sell his home before it goes on the foreclosure list, pre-foreclosures can result in deep discounts.

Here’s the best thing—these Boston pre-foreclosures are better than foreclosures because they are not yet public. Nowadays, every real estate investor knows to check foreclosure lists and attend foreclosure auctions for potential deals. Real estate investing is being promoted heavily on television and the internet as the key to riches and financial security. Which indeed it is, but in order to be successful at real estate investing you have to know where to find the properties. It seems like nearly every investor is using the same tools to find property and most of them are focusing on foreclosures, MLS, and HUD homes. The more people using these tools, the harder it is to find foreclosure properties. The other problem is that the high demand has had the effect of driving prices for these properties up, and that translates into lower profits for you.

The key to success in real estate investing no longer lies only in foreclosures. Instead, you have to find those motivated sellers who are desperate to avoid foreclosure. The trick is, you could spend hours researching and scouting out Boston pre-foreclosures. Why not let us do the work for you?  We scour the market constantly for pre-foreclosures, doing the legwork to find all the best under the radar deals that will ensure your real estate investing success. Don’t waste time with lists or posts that are out of date. This can cost you money. After all, whoever has the most up to date information on pre-foreclosures is going to get there first.

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