Investor Resources

Private Lenders for Rehabbers and Landlords

If you're buying properties, access to cheap funding is key. That's why you'll love this list of private lenders. Many are lending over $1 million and most are offering incredibly low rates. Save big over hard money! New lenders are added daily.

Cash Buyers for Wholesalers

If you're a wholesaler, you've probably noticed that cash buyers are easier to work with because there are fewer potential problems at closing. Add these cash buyers to your "buyers list" and make wholesaling a snap! New cash buyers are added daily.

Training for Newbies and Pros

New to investing or simply want to expand your knowledge? Access valuable audio recordings from some of the nation's leading experts. Get insider tips on wholesaling, rehabbing, landlording, owner financing, and more!

Vendors for Real Estate Investors

The vendors on this list provide investing-related services. All of them are members of this website, so they likely understand the needs of investors. You'll find contractors, property managers, lenders, and more! New vendors are added daily.

Hard Money Lenders

Access our "Rolodex of Hard Money Lenders for Future Millionaires." Not only will they loan you money to make the deal, sometimes they will even fund the entire repair amount. They can close a loan in days, not weeks or months.

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