Funding Options

Hard Money Lenders

Hard Money

Borrow from a Hard Money lender. These loans are easier to quality for, have low rates and fees, and close in as little as 4 days.



Borrow up to 80% of the ARV with no origination fees up front. Crowdfunding is faster and more flexible than traditional funding, and less money is needed to close.

Long–Term Loans

Take out a traditional long-term loan from a mortgage company or bank.

Private Money

Borrow money from a private lender. Each private lender is different, but these individuals typically offer lower rates than hard money lenders, and more flexible terms.

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Your Own Cash

Use your own cash. Those who have cash generally prefer this method because it eliminates borrowing costs and speeds up the closing process.

Someone Else's Cash

Bring another individual into the deal who will either partner with you or be your private lender. Partners receive a portion of your profits.

Take Over Payments

Take over the existing mortgage "Subject To" the existing financing. This technique is much more likely to be effective for motivated seller leads as opposed to wholesale deals.

No Money Needed

If you primarily pursue motivated seller leads and your plan is to wholesale those properties, then you don't need cash or financing.

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