The Rebirth of Real Estate Investing

The world of real estate investing has gone through a tumultuous time. It has gone from the years where everyone and their brother it seemed was a so called “real estate investor”, and everyone from your dog sitter to your hairdresser wanted to get in on the fun.

But the party ended badly, and for those that make their primary living at real estate investing, it mostly hasn’t been fun. The easy profits and easy deals of old are no longer around, and it seems like there’s still so much competition for the deals that are available. But some investors have been able to keep the money coming in by focusing on a few key types of investment property. These “best kept secrets” of real estate investing are pre foreclosures and wholesale properties.

Pre foreclosures are homes where the owner is on their way to foreclosure unless something turns around for them fast. Maybe they experienced a job loss, or maybe they had a mortgage interest rate adjust and they can no longer afford their payment. In any event, as long as they have equity in the home, there’s potential profit available for a savvy real estate investor. The hard part is getting these troubled homeowners to raise their hand and alert investors to the potential of a deal. can help you find the best pre foreclosure deals available.

Many investors are well aware of the deals that go on between real estate investors called wholesale property deals. This form of real estate investing involves buying a property at wholesale price from another investor, then putting the necessary time and money in to get the home in proper condition to sell or rent. But you have to know where to find these deals, and again, its with the assist.

We not only present our members with a list of the best deals, but we take the time to do some real due diligence and make sure the deals and terms are legit and result in a good bargain for our members. This includes poring over the public records to find out actual numbers for what the taxes are, figuring out how much equity is in the homes, and how much the estimated repair costs are. It’s the extra steps like these that we take on behalf of our members that keep them coming back month after month.

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