Get Your Head Around The Ever Changing Investment Property Environment

There are many different classes of investment property available to real estate investors today, some more profitable than others. In this article we will talk about some of the various types of investment property, which ones are most profitable today, and how you can find the best deals around.

Perhaps the first types of investment property that come to mind are foreclosures, HUD homes, and REO homes. Years ago these were harder to come by, and winning the bidding war for these was tough. This typically led to less than stellar profits at the end of the day. The tables have kind of turned today, as there seems to be a never-ending supply of these kinds of investment property coming onto the market. The problem with most of these today though is that banks simply want to recoup so much of their investment that there’s not much profit margin left for the investor at the end of the day.

The profits are still flowing however for investors focused on pre foreclosures and wholesale property deals. At we specialize in finding these properties, doing the due diligence to make sure they represent good deals, and offering them up to our members.

Pre foreclosures are tough to find, simply because they are not going to be listed in the newspaper or on the local MLS. They may not even be “officially” for sale. But the reality is, the homeowner must do something or risk going through a costly foreclosure that can stay on their credit for many years.

Rather than simply walking away from their home or worse, getting kicked out by the bank, by selling as a pre foreclosure the owner can get out from under the burden of their mortgage, and if they had significant equity built up in the home, they might even be able to put a little cash in their pocket. Some investors who buy pre foreclosures even let the seller remain in the home, which keeps them from having to go through the process of finding a tenant. This can be a win for everyone involved.

Wholesale properties are quite different, but the potential for profit still remains. Basically these are deals that happen between investors when the owners of an investment property need to divest themselves of a property for some quick cash. These deals typically close very quickly, so investors considering going after these deals have to be very nimble. makes it easy for investors to find these last two types of investment property. We have the largest, most up-to-date list of pre foreclosures and wholesale properties.

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