Buying Tampa Bay Investment Properties

Over the years, the economy has gone under many changes. At one time, the market flourished with profitable deals, such as foreclosures, which helped you turn a profit through a quick sale or appreciated over time within your portfolio. Unfortunately, more and more Tampa Bay foreclosures popped up until they flooded the entire real estate investment market.

Other opportunities have arisen that are superior to foreclosures. These opportunities include wholesale properties and pre-foreclosures. Investors have wholesale properties under contract and want to sell them for a variety of reasons, such as freeing up capital for funding another purchase. Pre-foreclosures occur when the homeowner faces foreclosure and has no chance of obtaining a new loan modification. Both pre-foreclosures and wholesale properties make the ideal investment if you want to make a profit by selling the home or renting it out and strengthening your portfolio.

You can normally grab a pre-foreclosure for whatever the homeowner still owes the bank. The price of the pre-foreclosure depends on several factors, such as how many years the owner lived in the house and how much he or she paid for it. Grabbing the house before the bank forecloses on it nets you more profit since the bank will attempt to collect as much money as it can once the house hits foreclosure. With the number of homes today on the verge of foreclosure in Tampa Bay, it pays to have a lead on properties in and around the area.

Even though pre-foreclosures and wholesale properties exist, it's not always easy to find them. Banks don't announce pre-foreclosures, and investors don't normally invest the time to mass-advertise their wholesale properties. However, if you know the right people, you can find these opportunities and gain a substantial return on investment. Fortunately, you've found the right people in We compile a complete list of profitable Tampa Bay investment properties and update them 24-7.

We help you find the best deal on pre-foreclosures and wholesale properties in Tampa Bay. We update our list regularly, and our team continuously follows up on all deals and checks whether the homeowner has decided to lower the asking price. As one of our members, you stay within the loop and always know the latest information about all investment property opportunities.

Become a member of MyHouseDeals, and take advantage of the pre-foreclosure and wholesale property opportunities in Tampa Bay. Our list doesn't contain over-priced multiple listing service, or MLS, real estate properties and foreclosures; it contains under-shopped, under-priced properties at a markdown of nearly 40 percent and with up to $20,000 in equity. With our assistance, you can find deals on homes in the area and once again profit in the real estate market.

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