Tampa Bay HUD Homes Lost Their Charm

You can search the Multiple Listing Service real estate listings and the Internet all you want for a profitable housing deal, but it's usually gone by the time you find it. Why does this happen? Internet real estate sites and the MLS don't always have the latest information, so you rarely see updated listings as you would expect. Even if you do find a good property, a hundred or more investors have already seen it, which means your offer will get lost somewhere with all the others. Instead of keeping up with a ton of listings, use your time to network and negotiate with the help of MyHouseDeals.

Every time you search for a home in the MLS, you will find Housing Urban Development, or HUD, homes. These HUD homes used to create vast profits for investors like yourself; however, the profits have diminished over time by the increased competition of other investors. As more investors seek HUD homes in Tampa Bay, it decreases your chance of landing the right home at the right offer. Because the HUD market has so much competition, only hard-money lenders benefit from it, and the property investors are left out in the cold.

Although HUD homes in Tampa Bay are essentially repos, they still have expensive price tags. The reason they cost so much is that an increased number of investors bid on the same property, which raises the price. It's possible to find a good HUD deal in Tampa Bay, but it will take up all of the time you could spend elsewhere making deals and negotiating without the threat of other investors lurking over your shoulder. You need access to exclusive deals that other investors don't know about, and MyHouseDeals has these properties available to view if you sign up for free as a member.

Tampa Bay has a variety of houses for sell, and we bring to you a listing of non-HUD and non-MLS houses at your fingertips. Our listings include wholesale properties and motivated seller leads, both of which have substantial markdowns up to 30 percent and provide up to $20,000 in equity. We continuously update our list and always have the most important information available, such as the asking price, the market and future value and your profit potential. We also give you access to investors' contact information so that you can screen buyers and sellers while building your network.

Don't waste your time browsing through another Tampa Bay HUD listing; check out the properties on MyHouseDeals. It costs you nothing to try our service, and you can sign up for free without any obligation. We update our list with 150 or more properties in a typical month, giving you complete access to the latest housing deals. Sign up for free and get started today.

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